Manuel Viñas
Director General
FCTG Mexico
View from the Top

Added Value for Corporate Travel

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 17:28

Q: What is the key differentiator of FCTG's offering in Mexico compared to its competitors?

A: Unlike other companies, FCTG has a broad brand portfolio that allows it to cater to all the travel needs of its clients. Though other companies compete with us in the corporate travel vertical, we are different. Around the world, FCTG has over 30 brands that offer services to all the possible options for travel and tourism. In Mexico, we have three brands in operation. The largest is FCM Travel Solutions, a global brand that looks after large market and multinational corporate clients. Among our offering is the management of company travel programs through technology solutions and personalized service. These technology solutions also help companies know where their personnel are when traveling and provide travel assistance. 
Q: The internet has simplified travel planning. What added value do products and services like Travel Associates provide?

A: Anyone can go online and look for travel options but working with us provides a number of added values. For instance, anyone can book a room at a five starts hotel, but if you book as one of our clients, we can secure an upgrade or provide additional services. These are the small details and added value that our service provides.