The most debated topic in the Mexican energy industry over the past weeks has been the government's decision to indefinitely halt preoperative testing of renewable projects, blocking private companies from connecting their projects to the grid. The technical explanation given by CENACE, SENER and CFE, has been the need to limit the proportion of intermittent renewable energy connected to the Mexican grid in response to lower energy demand as a result of COVID-19. Private companies in the renewables sector now see billions of investment dollars at risk. A judge has granted a suspension against the measure to prevent renewable energy projects from being connected. The technical, operations, financial and legal arguments are on the table, with energy law taking center stage. 

To facilitate the exchange of legal perspectives and scenarios that will shape the future of the Mexican energy sector, Mexico Business News, in cooperation with the Mexican Academy for Energy Law (AMDE), is inviting Mexico's leading energy lawyers, business leaders from the renewable energy sector and off-takers of renewable energy to participate in a series of webinars dedicated to Mexico's energy law and regulation. These webinars will lead up to the Mexico Energy Law Summit that is scheduled to place in November of this year.


Moderator: Ruth Guevara, Partner at Zumma Energy Consulting
Participant: Israel Hurtado, President at the Mexican Academy for Energy Law
Participant: Eduardo García Travesí, Partner at Galicia Abogados
Participant: Sean McCoy, Partner at Mc. Abogados
Participant: Cynthia Bouchot, Director General of Energía CB Consultores
Participant: Herfried Wöss: Partner at Wöss & Partners

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Ruth Guevara
Partner at Zumma Energy Consulting
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As private companies see their investments at risk due to recent government decisions, questions are raised about the future of legal certainty in Mexico’s energy contracts.