MBN 2020 MaCrOm user group Virtual Meeting
MaCRoM User Group Virtual Meeting

Tory-Tech is thrilled to invite you to its first MaCRoM User Group Virtual Meeting, a two-hour webinar on September 24th, 2020. We have an exciting agenda focusing on the importance of proper Control Room Management practices and how MaCRoM is helping customers achieve compliance and better collaboration.

Join us and learn more about this fantastic application!

MaCRoM has established itself as a critical tool for control rooms. During the last few years, the application has been installed on multiple control rooms, supporting the operation of many pipelines across the continent. With more than 1,000 users, over more than 100 pipelines, Tory-Tech wants to bring all these companies together and provide a space where they can share their experiences and ideas. This webinar will also offer the opportunity to take a peek at the application’s roadmap and create a community of experts to help drive the product’s future.


About the Company


Tory-Technologies, Inc., a Houston based corporation, specializes in data management applications for the Oil & Gas Industry. Tory-Tech designs, develops, integrates, and deploys innovative software solutions for Control Room Management and Measuring Data Management. Decades of expertise in software development and project implementation have resulted in a unique suite of solutions specifically designed to solve critical challenges in control rooms. Tory-Tech integrates these solutions with other industry-standard tools to provide the most comprehensive application for Control Room Management.


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Keynote Speaker: Tom Miesner