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Médica Sur Presents “Mi Hospital Digital Médica Sur”

“Mi Hospital Digital Médica Sur” will be presented next Friday, June 5, at 13:00 through our official Facebook Live page at:

The distinguished participants who will join us are:

  • Dr. Misael Uribe, President of the Administrative Council at Médica Sur
  • Lic. Juan Carlos Griera, Director General of Médica Sur
  • Dr. Octavio González Chon, Medical Director of Médica Sur 


Médica Sur launches its new “Mi Hospital Digital Médica Sur” platform, which offers a series of digital services to allow doctors and patients to interact through a virtual consultation that follows the highest hospital quality standards. 

Médica Sur introduces its new services in alliance with Aidicare, with the participation of CISCO and Amazon Web Services and the invaluable support from Endeavor. These companies back up our services, which will without a doubt benefit hundreds of patients. 

Through an intensive selection process, Endeavor chose the most promising entrepreneurs and created teams that included CISCO’s partners to develop attractive solutions. These teams competed against each other, with the team created by Aidicare and Tagsec being one of the winners thanks to such a disruptive proposal and valuable proposition. This evolved into the program that will be launched alongside Médica Sur. 

For Médica Sur, considering the current global context and due to our commitment to health and patient well-being, it is extremely important to offer alternatives that allow patients to continue their treatments, remain aware of possible diseases and undergo tests, if necessary. For that reason, we created this platform which will help patients to obtain remote medical attention.  

This platform will also provide doctors with services such as appointments for hospital services, pharmacy and online stores for different products. It will also allow Médica Sur’s doctors to monitor chronic patients remotely, integrating their electronic clinical record through Bluetooth connected devices. “Médica Sur’s telemedicine service is a web platform that can be used through any device, phone, tablet or computer that has internet connection and allows patients to create an account and clinical record in Médica Sur for a posterior visit with their specialist,” said Dr. Octavio González Chon, Medical Director of Médica Sur. 

Médica Sur, in an unprecedented digitalization effort, has worked on innovating its services from November of last year. We fully renovated patient’s rooms at our hospitalization floors and some of them were equipped with the voice recognition device “Alexa” for the comfort and safety of our patients. “To be always at the forefront, we innovated equipment and processes to achieve digitalization through electronic clinical records and a robot located at our modern hospital,” said Dr. González Chon. 


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Organized by
Misael Uribe, Juan Carlos Griera and Octavio González

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