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Environment, Education, Communities: Top Priorities for GM

By Sofía Garduño | Mon, 07/11/2022 - 19:12

General Motors (GM) of Mexico’s recently published social responsibility and sustainability report details the automaker’s social responsibility strategy, which is based on three pillars: the environment, quality education and community support. Several international organisms have acknowledged GM’s commitment towards society and the planet.


“Our commitment with Mexico goes beyond just becoming the main exporter, employer and buyer of raw materials and services of the automotive industry in the country,” says Francisco Garza, President and Director General, GM of Mexico.


GM of Mexico also reaffirmed its commitment to progress toward a sustainable and equitable mobility. In 2021, 17 percent of the automaker’s energy consumption came from renewable sources and 90 percent of the generated waste was recycled. “We continue to promote water care, energy efficiency, waste management and the conservation of biodiversity,” says GM of Mexico.


Aligned with the environmental pillar, GM announced in March that its Ramos Arizpe plant would transition to manufacturing EV. The company aims to produce 30 new EVs for every style and price point by 2025. During the same period, GM will invest US$27 billion in EV products, as reported by MBN.


In 2021, the OEM managed to impact over 24,000 students through conferences, virtual tours, job fairs, among others. These efforts are part of GM’s commitment to develop talent in Mexico through quality education. Also, GM’s engineers trained 12 teams for the FIRST Robotic Competition and 121 students got the opportunity to participate in the LINK program.


To support communities, GM worked with over 1,600 volunteers who accumulated more than 5,000 hours of volunteering. Owing to this, more than 3,600 people benefited from programs with Fondo Unido Mexico. “We are convinced that our actions can contribute to generate a change in our environment and benefit society,” added GM.


GM of Mexico also prioritized the development of its collaborators. All of its employees completed the GM’s training program and the company offered them over 200,000 courses in the GM Learning platform. On average, every employee received 32 hours of training.  


During the COVID-19 pandemic, GM’s Ramos Arizpe and San Luis Potosi plants became vaccination centers, applying 22,578 vaccines. The company also helped transport people to the vaccination centers and donated food to those who collaborated in vaccination campaigns.


“We will continue to move forward together, acting with ethics and integrity, committed to Mexico just as we have done for over 86 years,” added Garza.

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Sofía Garduño Sofía Garduño Journalist & Industry Analyst