Weekly Roundups
This week features investments totaling US$5.79 billion and Mexico potentially producing its own natural gas.
The global energy transition has gained momentum after Joe Biden’s win. MBN´s contributors weigh in on what this could represent for North America.
Jacobo Mekler, COMEXHIDRO
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Jacobo Mekler Weisburd
Jacobo Mekler outlines the development and power-producing company’s challenges in adapting to the current energy environment.
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Armando Guadiana has proposed a different tax regime to make natural gas extraction more profitable and decrease dependence on US imported gas.
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CFE International requested to transmit electricity from the US to Mexico. However, this depends on environmental and supply evaluations.
Mónica Samudio, Circutor
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Mónica Samudio
Country Managing Director Mexico
Monica Samudio explains the company’s ad hoc engineering solutions that help companies meet normative standards and use energy efficiently.
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The government and CCE have announced the second round of infrastructure projects, focusing strongly on power production.
Webinar - Making Efficient Logistics
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Read the highlights of our logistics-themed webinar and find out how to avoid bottlenecks.
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Ramón Moreno has been named Chairman of AME, an important promotor of private investment and energy transition in the power generation industry.
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