Gustavo Ortega, Grupo Mexico
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Gustavo Ortega
Director General
Grupo México Energía
Gustavo Ortega outlines the iconic company’s efforts to supply itself with energy, as well as its approach to athe challenging pandemic environment.
US Congress
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Over 40 US lawmakers urged Trump to come to an agreement with López Obrador over Mexico’s energy policy.
Héctor Olea
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Hector Olea
Mexican Association of Solar Energy |ASOLMEX
Distributed Solar Generation reduces operational costs and provides a range of energy benefits useful to SMEs and hard-to-reach communities.
Ralph Wegner, Mexco
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Ralph Wegner
Founder and President of the Board
Mexion Corporation (MexCo)
Ralph Wegner explains Mexion’s efforts to change along with Mexico’s shifting wind energy sector.
During today’s briefing, President López Obrador read the letter sent by former President Adolfo López Mateos to the Mexican people, on the energy sector nationalization in 1960.
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Highlights: AMLO says Free Zone border program can be expanded to Chiapas, Quintana Roo. Responds to US Congress while defending CFE, PEMEX…
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The company owes its good performance to new infrastructure and a focus on liquidity during a trying pandemic.
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SCJN Indefinitely Suspends new policy that limited private renewable electricity production and prohibited testing of clean energy power plants.
Alfredo Beltran, Greenlux
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Alfredo Beltrán
Director General
Alfredo Beltrán explains the growth of Greenlux and its value proposition in the form of the Cleanlux product.
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According to PEMEX reports, the company has increased its exports although the goal remains to keep oil production for national consumption.
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