Mexico Energy Review 2021

Weekly Roundups
The constitutional reforms, successful financing, harmful emissions and a solar award are among this week’s top stories.
Sofia Perez, PARDGEN
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Sofia Perez
Vice President of Strategic Relations
Sofia Perez explains Pardgen’s social priorities and outlines how the sector can boost female participation in the executive environment.
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CFE petitions the CRE to suspend projects that may put the national electric system at risk.
The energy transition is making companies like DNV rethink their approach to how they package their services for the industry.
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In the face of challenging circumstances, X-Elio managed to finance the construction, operation and maintenance of Perote II.
Mariuz Calvet, Banorte
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Mariuz Calvet
Director of Sustainability and Responsible Investment
Grupo Financiero Banorte
Mariuz Calvet outlines the financial group’s focus on ESG-criteria and discusses wider sustainability trends.
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The Iberian company decreases its investments levels in renewable projects. Nevertheless, the company is here to stay.
AMLO compromises with Private Energy
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AMLO’s latest constitutional reform will grant CFE 54 percent of the nation’s energy market, leaving the remaining 46 percent to the private sector.
Valeria Vazquez Deloitte
View from the Top
Valeria Vázquez
Valeria Vázquez explains how the consultancy helps clients navigate the sector’s challenges and to make the best use of energy supply opportunities.
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