Mexico Energy Review 2021

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Around two thirds of the planet is covered by ocean water. How could this be utilized to produce power?
Hans Olav Kvalvaag, Scatec
View from the Top
Hans Olav Kvalvaag
Senior Vice President of New Ventures
Hans Olav Kvalvaag discusses Scatec’s flexible and modular containerized solar solutions, an innovative addition to its utility-scale development.
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The use of fuel oil for energy generation might be reaching a historic low point.
National Palace
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President López Obrador announced he still aims to push reforms to strengthen CFE, but wider support is crucial.
Weekly Roundups
Experts agree that the elections bring more balance to the energy sector, but the President still aims to push further reforms.
How will Sunday’s elections affect Mexico’s mining, energy and oil and gas industries.
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The nationwide department retail store player has signed a US$2 billion loan aiming to boost its sustainability.
Rajan Vig
Expert Contributor
Rajan Vig
Indimex Marketing and Trading, LLC
Rajan Vig looks back over the course of history to shine a light on the long road taken to today downstream uncertainty.
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After López Obrador lost out on the supermajority in the lower house, sweeping reforms will become unlikely.
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