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Ricardo Combariza, People and Organization Head, Covalto
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Ricardo Combariza
People and Organization Head
Covalto brings together the best of its parent companies to form a new, unified identity, says People and Organization Head Ricardo Combariza.
Juan Domínguez, Chief People Officer, Clara
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Juan Domínguez
Chief People Officer
A healthy work environment, diversity, inclusion and flexibility are non-negotiable for today’s businesses, says Clara’s Juan Domínguez.
Image by Klimkin from Pixabay
Weekly Roundups
INEGI reported that Mexico is suffering from inflation unseen since 2000. This and more in the weekly roundup.
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Inflation shot up in July 2022, hitting levels not seen since 2000.
Christian Jacobsen
Startup Contributor
Christian Jacobsen
CEO & Co-Founder
If you haven’t yet, you need to create a community around your business ASAP, writes Christian Jacobsen.
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The 10 Spanish-speaking Latin American startups entering the venture capital program are announced.
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The Mexican unicorn will receive up to US$150 million, which will allow it to accelerate its expansion in Latin America.
Jaime Marquez
Expert Contributor
Jaime Marquez
New Business Director
Even without a credit history, BNPL will allow new generations to have access to credit, writes Jaime Marquez.
Jaime Tabachnik, Co-Founder and CEO, Solvento
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Jaime Tabachnik
Co-Founder and CEO
Solvento’s solutions bridge the gaps in competitiveness within the trucking sector, regardless of the size of the companies, says CEO Jaime Tabachnik.
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