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Alejandro Luna F. Partner Litigation and Life Sciences Co-Chair at OLIVARES
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Alejandro Luna F.
Partner Litigation and Life Sciences Co-Chair
OLIVARES’s Alejandro Luna explains the legal implications of waiving COVID-19 vaccine patents, the new IP law and UNOPS purchase schemes.
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PAHO has urged countries to revise their contingency plans and ensure preparedness for both conditions.
Gavel on black background
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Eight companies were fined after irregularities were found in their contracts or the services provided.
Patent Waiver Discarded as Vaccine Access Solution
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After many controversies, COVID-19 patent waivers seem to be off the table as a measure to enhance vaccine access. Find out why.
Coins falling from a jar
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The country’s low investment in healthcare to bring future problems, warn international health organizations.
States Receive Green Light, Resume Economic Activities
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An Alzheimer’s treatment was approved this week, while more Mexican states reopen as the epidemiological risk goes down.
Supporting Employee Mental Health in the Post COVID-19 Era
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The pandemic redefined mental health in the workplace and revolutionized companies’ actions to address this issue.
Person getting vaccinated
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Mexico has historically been a strong vaccine supplier; this may resurface amid the current pandemic.
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Philippe Fournet-Fayard
Eolis América Latina
Eolis’ leaders explain the value of air treatment in the production of safe products for the pharmaceutical sector and other manufacturing industries.
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