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The vaccination campaign against influenza will begin next Monday. Over 30 million doses will be applied.
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The adoption of tech could transform the entire health system by improving cost-effectiveness.
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The organization is training health professionals in over 140 countries to fight the spread of misinformation.
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Mayo Clinic seeks to treat cancer using personalized vaccines for each patient.
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The institutions published a guide to prescribe contraceptive methods and prevent teenage pregnancies in Mexico.
Deyanira Chiñas Ramírez
Expert Contributor
Deyanira Chiñas Ramírez
Director Comercial
Deyanira Chiñas Ramírez discusses his company’s approach to the pandemic and lessons learned.
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Alejandro Luna
Still a long way to go despite IP and life sciences regulatory improvement under federal industrial property law, says Alejandro Luna.
Weekly Roundups
Successful care provision is compromised by budget cuts. This and more in the weekly roundup.
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Cristian Von Schulz-Hausmann
Managing Director and General Manager
Merck Group
Collaboration between public and private health sector is necessary to address accessibility challenges, says Merck’s Cristian Von Schulz-Hausmann.
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