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Marco Ruggiero
General Manager
Chiesi Mexico
Chiesi’s priorities focus on propelling innovation in Mexico by breaking bureaucratic barriers that slow progress.
Vaccination Campaigns Threatened by Side-Effects
Weekly Roundups
After several accusations against the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, immunization campaigns slow down.
Eduardo Lara Vice President, Head of Health Latin America of RGA
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Eduardo Lara
Vice President, Head of Health Latin America
To compete in a changing market, RGA is integrating added-value services and predictive models that respond to users’ realities.
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Side effects have put on hold the use of different COVID-19 vaccines. Meanwhile, Mexico keeps going with the development of its own vaccine.
Mexico Moves Forward With “Patria” Vaccine
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National vaccine developments move forward and promise affordable, quality immunization against COVID-19.
Ana Riquelme Executive Director of AMID
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Ana Riquelme
Executive Director
Mexico’s top position as a medical devices manufacturer can be strengthened by increasing domestic consumption.
Tech Giants Enter the Health Industry
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From laboratory support to direct contact with patients, tech giants have now made their way into the health sector.
Alejandro Gil CEO of Centro Médico Puerta de Hierro
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Alejandro Gil
Director General
Centro Médico Puerta de Hierro
To ensure treatment continuity and prevent COVID-19 contagion, CMPH divided its operations to provide quality care on both fronts.
News Article
Mexico’s vaccination plan keeps moving forward with the country reaching 10.6 million first doses administered. When can we move to the next stage?
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