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Boosters Deemed Unnecessary; Children will Get COVID-19 Vaccines
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Despite the controversy, Mexico will begin vaccinating children. Meanwhile, experts claim that COVID-19 vaccine boosters are unnecessary.
Pills, medicines
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Drugmakers continue their efforts to offer end-to-end treatment options for COVID-19 patients.
COVID-19 Vaccine
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Despite the US’s and UK’s intentions to apply booster shots to their populations, experts still wait for better proofs.
Guillermo Nieto
Expert Contributor
Guillermo Nieto
National Association of the Cannabis Industry (ANICANN)
As cannabis science and legalization advances around the world, social acceptance is also on the rise. Where does Mexico stand?
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Fernando Santiago
Director General
MAG Medical Group
Following a year-long investment strategy, MAG Medical will open its state-of-the-art hospital in the norther region of Mexico City.
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Hector Orellana
Vice President North of LATAM
Medtronic is a leading innovator in the medical devices industry. Find out more about its success here.
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Grupo CPQ’s innovation area aims to enhance access to healthcare by supporting generics companies.
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Miguel Khoury
General Director and Chairman of the Board
Hospitales MAC
A competitive business model is driving Hospitales MAC’s accelerated expansion as it works to become the largest hospital chain in Mexico.
Hector Sobrino Director of Health Services at AXA
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Hector Sobrino
Director of Health Services
Through two different but complementary products, AXA Keralty aims to provide comprehensive healthcare coverage.
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