Mohammed Abdin
Expert Contributor
Mohammed Abdin
Revenue Director- Middle East
Advances in medications and treatments are happening at a rapid pace. But this also means the potential for medication errors is also increasing.
Technology to Support Mental Health Awareness
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Awareness of mental health issues helps those dealing with them. Tech can be a tool to support mental health initiatives.
Mural Med_IMG_2019_Luis Lojero_TAbn
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Luis Lojero
Mural Med
Bringing together patient data is the new goal of the sector. How can this help with treatment? CEO of Mural Med explains in this article.
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Fernando Cruz
Country President and Head of Corporate Affairs and Communication
Novartis Group Mexico
Novartis is enhancing medicine access in developing countries. Country President Fernando Cruz explains the company’s efforts.
María Jesus Salido Rojo
Startup Contributor
María Jesús Salido Rojo
Social Diabetes
The management of diabetes and care for chronic diseases in general, remains inefficient, poorly taught, analogue, face-to-face and labor-intensive.
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Ángel González
AUGEM Technologies
AUGEM has created a device to support people with visual impairment to gain independence.
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Carlos Hernández
General Manager for Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean
Beckman Coulter Diagnostics
Focusing on bringing back diagnosis priorities, Beckman Coulter submits its products to studies for diverse uses
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Lance Hill
Within3, a real-time digital platform that breaks time and space barriers and connects stakeholders, is helping to deliver better care to patients.
 Brian McGowan on Unsplash
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Home care is already common among the elderly or people with chronic diseases. Can this model become a long-term practice?
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