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Regulatory agencies need to update their guidelines for AI-based medical devices to ensure their safety.
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A clinic and a children’s hospital entered the metaverse in hopes of transforming care provision.
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Marcelo Cruz
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Through its Online-to-Offline platform, elery uses human-centered design to enhance the patient experience, say its co-founders.
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For digital health’s benefits to permeate, interoperability has to be at the core of digitization strategies.
Pablo Utrera, DOC24
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Pablo Utrera
Co-Founder and CEO
Healthcare access can be increased through technology, says technology startup DOC24’s Pablo Utrera.
Johnson & Johnson
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The MedTech company is making use of the latest tech, including VR, to simulate surgical procedures in its training programmes.
Juan Caceres
Expert Contributor
Juan Caceres
Tech is bringing healthcare to wherever patients are. Whether a person or an institution, you just need to join the movement, writes Juan Caceres.
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Andrew Ahachinsky
President and CEO
Bobbinet Latam
Bobbinet hopes to motivate patients to share their data through a transparent process that will decentralize health, says CEO Andrew Ahachinsky.
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Johnson & Johnson has opened a medical school for Mexican doctors in the metaverse.
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