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Sergi Trilla
Founder, President & CEO
Market and business strategies are key to growing the reach of a scientific or technological development, trifermed’s executives say.
Roberto Aguilera Health Sciences and Wellness Consulting Partner at EY Latam North
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Roberto Aguilera
Health Sciences and Wellness Consulting Partner
EY Latam North
Roberto Aguilera, from EY, answers frequently asked questions regarding the digitalization challenges the Mexican healthcare sector faces.
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Fernando Ruiz
Founder and CEO
Fernando Ruiz, CEO of Amunet, explains the challenges of developing technology in Mexico during the COVID-19 crisis.
Juan Dovarganes CEO of Arroba Ingeniería
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Juan Dovarganes
Arroba Ingeniería
Through their local understanding of the market, Arroba Ingeniería develops suited devices that respond to the needs of children and neonates.
Javier Gómez Olvera Commercial Head at Sysmex Diagnósticos México
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Javier Gómez
Commercial Head
Sysmex Diagnósticos México
Laboratory tests rely on higher technology and precision. Sysmex is committed to offering these products in the Mexican market.
María Luisa Gutiérrez CEO of Medisi
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María Luisa Gutiérrez
An evolving regulatory environment challenges the medical devices industry. Medisi sees this as an opportunity, rather than a disadvantage.
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Keiji Takano
Terumo Medical Mexico
Through optimized cardiac surgery equipment, Terumo Medical strives to improve infusion therapy in other critical healthcare areas in Mexico.
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Jorge Camargo
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Ecaresoft Inc.
The co-founder of Ecaresoft explains how the company’s software solutions increase hospital productivity in a growing digital era.
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Everardo Barojas
Director General
Prescrypto moves forward with its digital prescription solution to seize opportunities amid the digital transformation.
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