Weekly Roundups
This week’s top stories include an increase in CFE prices for domestic consumers and commentaries on SENER’s energy policy by Rocío Nahle.
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Domestic users will see higher energy bills in 2021 as a result of events that occurred earlier this year.
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As the global market warms up to hydrogen, countries like Mexico can begin to examine how they can make use of such an opportunity.
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Tech companies are leading the net-zero charge. What does this mean in the Mexican context?
Ricardo Cardiel, Latin American Rainmakers
View from the Top
Ricardo Cardiel
CEO and General Manager
Latin American Rainmakers
Ricardo Cardiel explains how the company uses its broad experience to help clientsbenefit from the growth in distributed solar.
Weekly Roundups
US-Mexican trade tensions, gas imports and notable business deals in the energy area are among this week’s top stories.
Alfredo García Mondragón
Expert Contributor
Alfredo García Mondragón
Executive Managing Director
SIETE ENERGY⛬-12a80a5/
Mexico, through its governments, must understand that the idea of sovereignty is not to have a state monopoly at any price.
Gas pipeline
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The pending post-pandemic economic reactivation is clearing the path for record natural gas imports from the US. Could Mexico meet its own demand?
American flag
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The Office of the US Trade Representative has raised concerns about an unstable regulatory law in Mexico for US energy investors.
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