Hyundai IONIQ
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IONIQ is Hyundai's bet on smart mobility and electric vehicles. The company will introduce three EV models over the next four years.
Groupe PSA
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Free2Move, PSA’s subsidiary founded in 2016, is the group’s bet to become a worldwide mobility provider. Read the story here.
Electrical Stairs
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The Alvaro Obregon municipality started the “Escalera de la Esperanza” project, which will benefit more than 30,000 people in 18 neighborhoods.
Anasofia Sanchez Juarez
Expert Contributor
Anasofia Sanchez Juarez
Regional Manager México and Spanish Speaking Latam
Waze Mexico
Today is the best time to consolidate omnichannel retail because consumers want a brand experience wherever and whenever they need it.
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IATA warns that poor traffic during June points to worrying market trends that may delay the aviation industry’s recovery until 2024.
Yutong Electric Bus
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Cities across the region are turning to more sustainable options to improve air quality.
Autonomous Vehicles
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Ford will use Intel’s Mobileye's technology to advance autonomous vehicles.
Francisco Cabeza - Engie
View from the Top
Francisco Cabeza
Electric Mobility Manager
Taking advantage of its energy expertise, Engie is advancing electromobility projects in Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru.
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Mexico City’s Minister of Mobility announced ECOBOCI, the city’s bike-sharing service, will be visible on Google Maps.
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