Bike Lane
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One of the most important avenues of Mexico City, Insurgentes, will have a permanent bike lane.
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Waze can track how users move around the globe. Anasofía Sánchez, Director General of Waze Mexico, shares with MBN her mobility predictions.
Regina Granados - Lease Plan
View from the Top
Regina Granados
LeasePlan México
LeasePlan is a Netherlands-based company focused on leasing and fleet management services.
Charging Station
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BMW Group and Nissan Mexico’s initiative, ChargeNow, celebrates six years in the country. Is the Mexican market ready for larger EV participation?
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Mexico City’s mayor confirms that Cablebús will only have 3 Lines during her administration.
Traffic Light
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Leon introduced a Smart Road Mobility System, making strong advancements for innovation in Mexico. Is a future of smarter mobility close for Mexico?
Circuito Interior
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Mexico City’s Ministry of Works and Services announced that the expansion of Circuito Interior would reduce transit times for many people in the city.
Renato Picard
Startup Contributor
Renato Picard
Urbvan Transit
Time and the worker's mind are the dimensions that have generated the newest paradigms during this year of pandemic, says Renato Picard.
Mexico Automotive Summit 2021
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Mobility is changing fast to adapt to the evolving preferences of safety-minded consumers, discussed panelists at Mexico Automotive Summit 2021.
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