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President López Obrador has floated the possibility of reversing the Energy Reform once again.
Peter Griffin, Gas Liquids Engineering
View from the Top
Peter Griffin
Vice President and International Business Director
Gas Liquids Engineering
GLE’s Peter Griffin outlines the main opportunities and challenges in Mexico’s gas sector.
francisco ruiz galvan asispet
View from the Top
Francisco Ruiz Galvan
"We would like to see more private operators to include them as part of our growing portfolio."
MOGS 2019
News Article
Mexico’s premier oil and gas conference will shift to a virtual event for 2020 only.
Carlos Ortiz
View from the Top
Carlos Ortiz
President and CEO
CAXXOR Group President and CEO Carlos Ortiz explains the advantages of modular refining, a technology that the investment group is pushing in Mexico.
Platform Holly
News Article
Investment in onshore projects set to triple between 2021 and 2022, report suggests.
noemi perez repstim
View from the Top
Noemí Pérez
Well Stimulation Manager
“Not all wells are suitable for stimulation and not all wells will present an increase in their production levels after being stimulated.”
Fernando Flores
Expert Contributor
Fernando Flores
Director General
Having access to more and better information can help improve decisions made in the energy sector. Fernando Flores explains how this could be done.
The new oil environment requires rigorous software for enhanced risk assessment, reservoir characterization and stratigraphic modeling. It’s all here.
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