justo, online supermarket
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Mexican online supermarket Jüsto raised US$12 million to strengthen its operations amid a pickup in demand due to COVID-19
Nike Air Jordan 1
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Sotheby's and Christie's are auctioning designer bags and sneakers. According to Stockx, the sneaker market will be worth US$95 billion by…
Amazon, the most valuable brand in the world
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Retail brands have grown the most in the last 12 months, according to a report published by Kantar and WPP.
Walmart Store
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Walmart grows its commitment to digitalization with mobile telephone and internet service. The goal is to control customers’ e-purchasing process.
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In the midst of a health crisis, Alibaba wants to boost e-commerce in Mexico hand-in-hand with GINGroup
Mexico City Financial District
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Spending in financial districts will shift to options within residential neighborhoods. Businesses will have to move accordingly
Department Store
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Department stores will no longer be indispensable for bringing customers to malls. VIP cinemas and luxury restaurants will take over that position.
Weekly Roundups
The pandemic forced people to change their habits. Some, like the use of e-commerce as the main source of consumption, are here to stay
Duty Free Store
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Between July and October, Dufry, one of the world’s largest duty-free companies, will lay off between 20 and 30 percent of its workforce.
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