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These tools have become the new way to keep customers engaged.
Francisco Álvarez
Startup Contributor
Francisco Álvarez
CCO and Co-Founder
Digital channels, new generations and the rise of e-commerce in 2020 have led brands to seek to establish a closer relationship with their buyers.
Social distancing
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One of the most important areas of the Mexican economy saw an improvement during the second month of the year.
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Despite negative economic results, there are still good investment opportunities in Mexico that should be taken into account.
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A new app has grabbed the attention of users and Facebook has already moved ahead with an alternative of its own.
Warehouse 1
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This is the largest investment the company has made in Mexico. What will Mercado Libre do with such an investment?
 Mercado Libre
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Mercado Libre keeps betting on Mexico, its second-largest market after Argentina, and will invest US$1.1 billion this year
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Stores and restaurants are still not out of the woods as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc in the country.
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Conversational commerce is the new way of making online shopping more personal.
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