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The second agreement for the development of national infrastructure reveals a mixed perspective.
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PEMEX’s financial debt will continue increasing due to government policies, the macroeconomic environment and a weakened global position.
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Changes are intended to provide more information on foreign inflow into Mexico but leave Banxico open to the international financial system.
Fluvio Ruiz Alarcon
View from the Top
Fluvio Ruiz Alarcón
Independent Oil and Gas Analyst and Former Independent Advisory Board Member
"The first question to answer is why does PEMEX want to reach this specific production goal. These production levels may not prove profitable.…
Business Coordinating Council (CCE) head Carlos Salazar during today's birefing.
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Highlights: Second private public investment package worth MX$228 billion is announced by AMLO, CCE. No saturation problem in Mexico City…
President López Obrador during todays briefing where he signed new decrees.
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Highlights: Over 22 southern municipalities will get the same benefits given at the US border. North Border Free Zone Program extended until 2024…
train wagon
Weekly Roundups
The new Mexico City airport in Santa Lucia will host a number of cultural attractions. This and more in this week’s roundup!
Tax Law
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New tax law will seek to promote Mexican foreign trade and to boost the relationship with trading partners.
President López Obrador during one of his daily briefings.
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Highlights: AMLO announces new ‘moral booklet’ to strengthen country’s values. Says FGR needs to speed up investigations involving Videgaray…
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