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The UN warns that states and companies have rushed to incorporate AI without exercising due diligence, putting human rights at risk.
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Pensions for workers employed by federal entities including CFE and PEMEX take up a large part of the budgeted expenditure for 2022
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World hunger is on the rise and seems to have no solution. FAO is looking for the roots of this problem and new strategies to fight it.
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Photographs of Amazon’s logistics center in Tijuana went viral and put the spotlight on the inequality in the area.
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Entrepreneurship, the race for talent and the outsourcing reform took the spotlight this week.
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Santander’s new LikeU aims to string a chord with increasingly social and environmental minded younger generations.
Javier Garcìa
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Javier García
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The world has changed in many ways, including how companies find talent. What can a company do to win the first place in the talent acquisition race?
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Achieving greater inclusion in both sectors could bring long-term benefits to the country and an improvement in financial well-being.
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