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Should everyone listen to music while working? This has been a debate for as long as headphones have been available.
The government updated its COVID-19 health and safety guidelines for companies and decided to leave out a controversial rule to ban facial hair.
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MORENA proposed that Mexicans who lose their jobs should be able to access their retirement savings. However, the IDB warned about this solution
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According to the International Monetary Fund, closing the gender gap in Latin America can increase GDP by 35 percent
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The need for offices might be low but its localized future demand could be higher than expected.
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Factories and offices will resume operations this week, while taking the necessary precautions.
The 35.8 percent year-on-year increase in remittances that Mexico experienced in March came as a welcome surprise amid the current pandemic.
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Weekly Roundups
Mexico’s central bank estimates that at least 800,000 jobs will be lost in 2020 although the number could rise to 1.4 million
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José Antonio Torres
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