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Weekly Roundups
In 1Q21, IMSS reported a slight recovery in job creation with 251,977 more jobs than those created at the end of 2020
Anahi Flores, IronHack
View from the Top
Anahí Flores
Campus Manager
As companies embrace digital transformation, their search for skilled staff intensifies. Ironhack trains those looking to join the tech sphere
Rural women
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FAO and the National Institute of Women highlight the role of women from rural communities in achieving food security and development.
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Weekly Roundups
After just over three months of debate, the private sector and the government agreed on changes to the outsourcing reform
Weekly Roundups
The pandemic led more than 13 million people with a medium or high income to fall into the lower-income population in Mexico during 2020
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Trends that have emerged from the challenges the pandemic has brought were discussed during a webinar presented by Casai.
Weekly Roundups
Mexico shrank its unemployment rate, while plans to increase pensions raised concerns. This and more in this week’s roundup.
Mexico Automotive Summit 2021
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Conciliation and effective union representation are now the new normal. Also, the pandemic forced the sector to rethink its workforce management
Gustavo Linares
Expert Contributor
Gustavo Linares
There are many ways to eradicate gender pay gaps. Companies and people shouldn’t wait for the rest of the world and politicians do something about it.
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