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design thinking
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Design Thinking and Data Science may be the way to achieve better business results.
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Youth employment have been more affected than any other social group according to the International Labor Organization.
Gino Ferrand, Founder, TECLA
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Gino Ferrand
TECLA gives tech companies access to the most exclusive Latin American tech talent, says Founder, Gino Ferrand.
Ricardo Combariza, People and Organization Head, Covalto
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Ricardo Combariza
People and Organization Head
Covalto brings together the best of its parent companies to form a new, unified identity, says People and Organization Head Ricardo Combariza.
Juan Domínguez, Chief People Officer, Clara
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Juan Domínguez
Chief People Officer
A healthy work environment, diversity, inclusion and flexibility are non-negotiable for today’s businesses, says Clara’s Juan Domínguez.
Inflexibility and Stress Stifle Innovation, Growth
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Companies that ignore employees’ demands for flexibility and the signs of stress will incur large expenses, warn industry experts.
Lucas Melman, Country Manager, Betterfly Mexico
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Lucas Melman
Country Manager
Betterfly Mexico
It is possible to generate social good and profitability simultaneously, says Lucas Melman, Country Manager of Betterfly Mexico.
Agriculture worker
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The STPS and the Governor of San Luis Potosí signed an agreement top train workers in the agricultural sector.
Lissy Giacoman
Startup Contributor
Lissy Giacoman
CEO and Co-Founder
From its earliest days, Monterrey has been known for its forward-thinking businesses and that continues today, writes Lissy Giacoman.
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