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Companies are cutting staff. But according to Ayelén Kalenok, a specialist in labor relations, it is possible to find a job these days.
Team Work
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Following the health crisis, organizations have focused on preparing for the new business reality and how to prepare their human capital to face it.
Gustavo Linares, Founder of TalentHow
Expert Contributor
Gustavo Linares
Inclusion and diversity have gained strength in recent years, but companies and organizations have not really embraced their true meaning
Gabriel Manjarrez
Startup Contributor
Gabriel Manjarrez
Given the economic impact, some companies are wondering if it is better to return to the office or continue working remotely.
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COPARMEX has urged the Mexican government to invest US$9.1 billion to curb unemployment.
COVID19, subway, face mask
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During the COVID-19 crisis, 70 percent of Mexicans who lost their jobs are below 29 years of age
 Federico Cantú
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The OECD and the World Bank urge Latin America and Caribbean countries to invest more intelligently in their health workers.
Fernanda de la Peña
Fernanda de la Peña
Director General
Fomento Mexicano
Rural and semirural community development is a job that demands the participation of all members of society, including the private sector.
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Two Mexican workers died over the past few weeks, sparking a debate around Canada’s safety protocols for seasonal workers.
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