Jesús Enrique Pablo-Dorantes
Expert Contributor
Jesús Enrique Pablo-Dorantes
Chairman of the Advisory Board
Mexican Academy of Environmental Impact |AMIA
Several exploration projects have been delayed by SEMARNAT reviews. Are these permissions really necessary?
Weekly Roundups
Drill into this week’s most important mining news, including recognition of Santacruz’s ESG efforts.
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SKF’s virtual technical press days focused on modeling, AI and machine learning for improving bearing design and performance.
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Juan Carlos Bagnod
Mechanical Engineering Consultant
GRUMINEX is able to minimize downtime while making improvements on a processing plant. This approach encourages miners to not delay improvement work.
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Gijsbert Groenewegen
Silver Arrow Partners
Gold may reach US$2,500/oz, especially due to the uncertainty around the US Presidential election and pandemic-related rescue packages.
Most sampling equipment in the market is biased by design. TecProMin and its Mexican distributor Promimex set out to do better.
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Peter Dougherty
President & CEO
Argonaut Gold
Argonaut is lowering operational costs and investing in exploration and drilling to extend the life of its operations.
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Comet Resources Limited announced an initial estimate for the Santa Teresa Gold Project showing possible high profits.
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Laboratory information management systems are crucial for miners that want to get ahead of the latest trends.
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