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Miguel Ángel Varela Pinedo
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Deputy Miguel Ángel Vera has sent an initiative to reform the Federal Law on Rights, which would reactivate the Mining Fund.
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The country's participation in global mining production has fallen. However, it has recovered high levels of gold production
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The country's participation in mining global production has fallen due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions.
Americas Gold and Silver
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The Union has announced that the blockades on the accesses to the San Rafael mine have been lifted to resume operations.
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The company aims to “acquire and define precious metals in Mexico.
Martín Yáñez
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Martín Yáñez
Autronic SA de CV
Yañez discusses the future of mining, trends revolutionizing the sector and the opportunities that the pandemic has opened to companies like Autronic.
Gold Mine
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Argonaut Gold has continued to discover high-grade gold mineralization as part of their second drilling phase.
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Mexico is expected to break its fifth consecutive year streak of falling gold production as more projects, demand and prices increase production.
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Endeavour Silver has completed a feasibility study in their Terronera mine in Jalisco with promising results.
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