Gabriel Sanchez
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Gabriel Sánchez
Commercial Director
"We are betting that Yokogawa Mexico will become a much larger part of the company’s global portfolio despite the pandemic."
ecn automation
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Álvaro Rendón
Director ECN Scientific
ECN Automation
ECN is a Main Automation Contractor in the mining industry. The company facilitates early startups, among other solutions.
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Roberto Pérez
Director General
SP Sinergia
Integrating information, machinery, processes and maintenance is the main challenge facing Mexico’s industry today.
Weekly Roundups
Drill into this week’s most important mining news, including recognition of Santacruz’s ESG efforts.
News Article
SKF’s virtual technical press days focused on modeling, AI and machine learning for improving bearing design and performance.
Most sampling equipment in the market is biased by design. TecProMin and its Mexican distributor Promimex set out to do better.
News Article
Laboratory information management systems are crucial for miners that want to get ahead of the latest trends.
Malvin Delgado
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Malvin Delgado
Director of Sales and Operations for Latin America
T.D. Williamson
"Overall, we have to be part of a reconfiguration of the service economy to adapt to this historic moment through maintenance discipline"
underground mining
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Dan Audet
Director General
Moon Patrol VR
VR lets engineers and geologists communicate and look at data through a data tour where everyone can see the same thing at the same time.
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