Automation will intensify in the coming years. The extent to which the Mexican industry responds will define its competitiveness.
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Mauricio Blanc
Executive Director for Latin America
OMRON Automation Americas
OMRON is a Japanese manufacturer and supplier of industrial automation equipment and medical devices. The company offers an extensive variety of…
Integra Automation is a Mexican company with over 20 years of experience. The company has developed solutions for the pharmaceutical and food and…
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Álvaro Chacón
Managing Director
Martin Engineering
Martin Engineering is an engineering firm with more than 70 years’ experience and a global presence of highly-experienced technicians and engineers…
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Jesús Flores
Director General
Lasec offers integrated solutions for digital networks in mines. These networks serve different purposes, including telecommunications, localization…
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David Juárez
Managing Director
Herrenknecht Tunnelling Services Mexico
Herrenknecht is the leading provider of holistic technical solutions in mechanized tunneling for tunnel infrastructure. It has worked in over 4100…
The Mexican mining industry is at a turning point, with Industry 4.0 staring it in the face and demanding a migration to new technologies, says Luis…
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Alfredo Bertrand
General Manager
Epiroc ambition is to become the leader in automation to enhance productivity, energy efficiency and safety
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