Stressed Man
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Outsourcing’s role in corporate performance is now in debate almost eight months into the pandemic.
Irene Merino
Expert Contributor
Irene Merino
Head of Human Resources
Decathlon Mexico
Employees are an organization's valuable assets and the key to success, so it is important for Decathlon to motivate and understand its…
Ximena Sánchez - Mitsubishi
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Ximena Sánchez
Director of Human Resources
Mitsubishi Motors de México
Learn more about Mitsubishi’s HR strategies to face the pandemic while keeping people motivated.
Ibero Puebla Raul Ruan
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Raúl Ruan
Director of the M.Sc. Advanced Manufacturing Program
Universidad iberoamericana Puebla
Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla’s M.Sc. in advanced manufacturing has conducted many projects in close collaboration with the industry.
Lucha Libre AAA
Weekly Roundups
Last weekend, three garbage collectors made a video showing their wrestling skills. Lucha Libre AAA is now offering them work as official wrestlers.
Marcela Barreiro, Daimler
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Marcela Barreiro
Director of Human Resources
Daimler México
In 2020, Daimler was awarded first place in Best Place to Work’s ranking of manufacturing companies. Here are the keys behind it.
Gustavo Mendes - MAN Truck & Buses
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Gustavo Mendes
Head of HR
MAN Truck & Bus México
Lear more about how to manage talent amid the pandemic. MAN Truck & Bus assures that transparency is key to level up motivation.
Regina Athié
Startup Contributor
Regina Athié
Co-Founder & CEO
Mental health is becoming increasingly important for businesses, more so in times of crisis and complexity for people, explains Regina Athié.
Labor Market
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The labor institution reports that 24 million Mexican employees could lose their jobs or see their wages reduced before the end of 2020.
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