Claudia Márquez - Hyundai
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Claudia Márquez
Hyundai Motors de México
Hyundai Motors de México CEO Claudia Márquez shares her views on the future of mobility and the vehicle sales cycle.
The Week in Automotive
Weekly Roundups
Uber and Urbvan’s partnership, GM investments in EVs, JAC’s bet on commercial EVs and early 3Q20 results. This is the Week in Automotive!
Ibero Puebla Raul Ruan
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Raúl Ruan
Director of the M.Sc. Advanced Manufacturing Program
Universidad iberoamericana Puebla
Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla’s M.Sc. in advanced manufacturing has conducted many projects in close collaboration with the industry.
News Article
Uber and Mexican start-up Urbvan are joining forces to improve Mexico City’s mobility offering.
Tarsicio Carreon - Cluster Automotriz de Chihuahua
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Tarsicio Carreon
Chihuahua Automotive Cluster
Learn more about the cluster’s strategies to overcome the pandemic and Chihuahua’s successful local supply chain.
Alex Alvarez Salaverria, ECON Tech
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Alex Álvarez Salaverria
General Director
Volumes of data make analyses difficult. ECON’s solutions help to collect the data and even predict and correct failures in a supply chain using AI
GM Manufacturing Plant Spring Hill
News Article
In 19 months, the US giant has announced investments for over US$4.5 billion at three US plants for EV vehicle production.
Guillermo Prieto, President of AMDA
Expert Contributor
Guillermo Prieto
In differences there are opportunities but also inequalities. The same is true for the markets.
Start Service - Humberto García
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Humberto García
Start Service
Thermoplastic solutions can prevent air, soil and water pollution, while providing long-lasting products for auto part manufacturers.
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