Qualcomm - Ricardo Anaya
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Qualcomm's Product Manager Mexico details the role 5G will play in the development of future vehicles technologies.
Black Lives Matter
Ford's Chairman and GM's CEO addressed a letter to their employees regarding the death of George Floyd and the actions both companies will…
Guillermo Prieto, President of AMDA
Expert Contributor
Guillermo Prieto Treviño
Mexican Association of Automotive Distributors (AMDA)
Individuals are adapting to "the new normal," understanding that social behavior will be from now on. Similarly, the automotive sector is…
Nissan Manufacturing Mexico
Nissan México was the first branch of the company to resume operations in North America. Lear Corp will also resume operations.
Grupo IPS - Armando Zuñiga
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Armando Zúñiga
Grupo IPS
Armando Zúñiga, CEO of Grupo IPS, presents the ongoing challenges on highway security as well as the newest technologies to address security concerns
BMW 5 Series
BMW Group revealed its new models for MINI and BMW, which include state-of-the-art technology features.
Juan Manuel Carreras - Governor San Luis Potosi
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Juan Manuel Carreras
San Luis Potosi
Governor of San Luis Potosi, Juan Manuel Carreras explains the strategies that have helped to develop the state's automotive footprint.
Audi Mexico
Weekly Roundups
Local support to fight COVID-19 and resuming operations were the industry's highlights during the week.
Manuel de la Torre - Webfleet Solutions
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Manuel de la Torre
General Manager
Webfleet Solutions
General Manager of Webfleet Solutions explains the keys behind efficient logistics operations, including road security concerns.
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