Mexico Automotive Summit 2021

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Sector leaders expect the sector to grow 24 percent in 2021. Commercial vehicle production dropped 31.4 percent. This is the Week in Automotive!
News Article
The global shortage of semiconductors might delay vehicle production, 5G in Mexico.
Iliana Vetrano, Mercado Libre
View from the Top
Iliana Vetrano
Vehicle, Real Estate, and Services Marketplace Director
Mercado Libre México
Iliana Vetrano, Head of the Automotive Division at Mercado Libre, talks about the e-commerce giant’s partnerships with dealers and associations.
Check Plus - Hugo González
View from the Top
Hugo González
Commercial Manager
Check Plus
How convenient would it be to be 100 percent certain when receiving payments by check? Hugo González explains how.
The Week in Automotive
Weekly Roundups
Do not miss key sales results by major automakers in the world and the role of Mexican auto parts in US imports.
Quaker Houghton - Carlos Torres
View from the Top
Carlos Torres
Commercial Director
Quaker Houghton Chemical Corporation Mexico
Carlos Torres describes how the chemical industry can contribute to substantial savings in the manufacturing and steel industries.
Stellantis, the fourth largest automaker
Read about the creation of Stellantis and learn more about the role North America will play in it.
News Article
Mexican auto parts play a huge role in American imports and the new USMCA could come with growth in Mexico’s industry.
Weekly Roundups
Queretaro’s green efforts, along with companies’ strategies to overcome the pandemic: this is the Week in Automotive!
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