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PSA Groupe with Free2Move and Hyundai with IONIQ reaffirm market trends toward sustainable and shared mobility. Read all the stories here.
Hyundai IONIQ
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IONIQ is Hyundai's bet on smart mobility and electric vehicles. The company will introduce three EV models over the next four years.
Ford - Plant
GM, Ford and FCA Group share a long-standing history in Mexico’s automotive sector. Read the analysis for Mexico Automotive Review 2019/20
Guillermo Prieto Treviño
Expert Contributor
Guillermo Prieto Treviño
Embracing the new normality cannot be based on accepting the shortcomings and the mismanagement of the pandemic. It should mean the renewal of Mexico.
Luis Monsalvo - USMCA Panelist
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Luis Monsalvo
USMCA’s facility-specific rapid response labor mechanism between the US and Mexico
Luis Monsalvo, one of the labor panelists between the US and Mexico, explains the new labor standards set by USMCA.
Groupe PSA
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Free2Move, PSA’s subsidiary founded in 2016, is the group’s bet to become a worldwide mobility provider. Read the story here.
Antonio Soda, DB Schenker
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Antonio Soda
DB Schenker
Mexico is the most important market for DB Schenker in the Americas in terms of EBIT and one of the Top 10 performing countries globally
Ford Plant
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Industry associations addressed their expected forecasts for vehicle production, exports, sales and auto part manufacturing.
Enrique Enrich, Scania Mexico, Scania
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Enrique Enrich
Managing Director
Scania México
European standards establish a maximum bumper-to-bumper length for trucks, while American norms focus only on the truck’s trailer
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