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New investments, higher wages, strategies to support consumers, new technologies and sales results. This is the Week in Automotive.
Noah Grezlak
News Article
AMDA presented its monthly report on the status of Mexico's internal vehicle market
Jose Armenta - FOTON
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Jose Armenta
Director General
FOTON México
Chinese truck manufacturer explains opportunities and challenges in the Mexican market. Read the full story.
Ford - Jeremy Chen
News Article
Ford, GM and FCA presented their quarterly results with an over 30 percent drop in sales.
Miguel Elizalde Lizarraga
Expert Contributor
Miguel Elizalde Lizarraga
National Association of Bus, Truck and Tractor Truck Producers (ANPACT)
To reduce the impact of the economic crisis and move toward a full reactivation, freight and passenger transport will have to upgrade its game.
SEDECO - Roberto Russildi
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Roberto Russildi
Minister of Economy and Labor
Nuevo Leon
Nuevo Leon's Minister of Economy and Labor details his vision for the automotive sector. Read the details.
Hyundai XCIENT Model
News Article
Hyundai Motor is shipping the first XCIENT units to Europe, while Nikola raises expectations about fuel cell technology.
Coats Wenevir Maldonado
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Wenevir Maldonado
Commercial Director Latin America North
A 264-year-old British company is diversifying its Mexico operations toward new industrial sectors. Read the full story here.
Keihin Mexico
News Article
Following the Labor Value Content rule, Japanese suppliers have chosen to raise wages to an average hourly base of US$16 in Mexico.
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