Jaguar Land Rover Mexico - Raul Peñafiel
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Raúl Peñafiel
Director General
Jaguar Land Rover México
Despite the pandemic, Jaguar Land Rover is clear about what it needs to focus on to stay afloat: luxury services with a focus on customer care.
Iliana Vetrano, Mercado Libre
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Iliana Vetrano
Vehicle, Real Estate, and Services Marketplace Director
Mercado Libre México
Iliana Vetrano, Head of the Automotive Division at Mercado Libre, talks about the e-commerce giant’s partnerships with dealers and associations.
car light
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A desire to avoid public transport is to push car sales up once again.
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Higher production costs have not inhibited IFDI.
Guillermo Echeverría - VUHL
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Guillermo Echeverría
In 2020, VUHL is celebrating five years of delivering vehicles and seven years since the conception of the brand. Learn more about this Mexican OEM.
Puebla, Kavak - Pedro Lastra
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With a US$10.81 million investment, the Mexican Unicorn expects to storage and process 4,000 pre-owned vehicles per month.
GM - Factory
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Review year-on-year sales, production, and exports figures on the Mexican automotive sector. Recovery signs are visible.
Car Sales
Weekly Roundups
An increase in car sales, San Luis Potosi considered as a resilient automotive hub and uncertainty in the sector are among this week’s top stories!
Joe Biden Auto industry
Joe Biden’s bet on clean energy, EV development and US manufacturing jobs will echo in the Mexican auto industry.
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