Vehicle Sales
An overview of Mexican light vehicle sales results by brand and segment and the path toward industry recovery.
The Week in Automotive
Weekly Roundups
This week's highlights include heavy vehicle market sales, Mitsubishi and tax incentives. This is the week in automotive!
Nissan Made in Mexico
News Article
Mexico’s Ministry of Economy granted Nissan Mexicana the "Made in Mexico" seal for vehicles manufactured in its CIVAC plant.
News Article
Stakeholders and the Mexican senate are developing a new general law for mobility and road safety.
Heavy Vehicles
News Article
Heavy vehicles sales grew during the first half of 2021 but remain below pre-pandemic levels. Learn more about the current trends here.
Mitsubishi Motors de México - Jorge Vallejo
View from the Top
Jorge Vallejo
Director General
Mitsubishi Motors de México
Learn more about Mitsubishi’s strategies to consolidate its position in Mexico.
The Week in Automotive
Weekly Roundups
Do not miss our interview with the heads of Toyota and Siemens México and learn how the industry is evolving. This is the week in automotive!
Luis Lozano - Toyota Motor de México
View from the Top
Luis Lozano
Toyota Motor de México
The president of Toyota Motor de México shares the company’s transformation process to become a CASE mobility company.
Jalisco Transporte Electrico
News Article
Jalisco inaugurates its first fully electric bus line as part of the state’s sustainability goals.
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