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China in a map
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Chinese companies have obtained millionaire contracts in the participation of key mobility projects for Mexico City.
Charging station
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The initiative aims to trace a route toward Mexico-US electrification of transport.
Water drop
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Due to prolonged droughts, the Valley of Mexico will see water supply cuts to prevent shortages in the Cutzamala System.
Weekly Roundups
Mexican government announced a major investment in Terminal 2 of Mexico's main airport in order to strengthen its facilities.
President López Obrador and Governor Samuel García
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Through a joint venture between the federal and local governments, Nuevo Leon will invest in a new aqueduct to tackle its current water crisis.
Alberto Moreno
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Alberto Moreno
Senior Director
Fitch Ratings
Amid signs of a slow recovery, Fitch expects the hotel sector to reach pre-pandemic levels of hotel occupancy in 2023, writes Fitch’s Alberto Moreno.
Green bus
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The units will be delivered between October and November to start operations in December 2022.
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After several incidents and serious deterioration, the government will intervene AICM’s Terminal 2 to prevent further damage.
Heavy equipment at work
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CMIC argues that the involvement of SEDENA in key projects is not only affecting the construction industry but also the government’s finances.
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