Urban panorama
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The pandemic has made us rethink the way we live, our spaces and how we connect with people.
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CFE is planning to grow energy supply and national security by constructing a micro nuclear power plant in Baja California.
Weekly Roundups
Delve into the week’s most important news, including a US$3.3 billion investment to develop a logistics corridor connecting Canada and Mexico.
María Fernanda Rivera Flores
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María Fernanda Rivera Flores
General Director of Road Safety and Sustainable Urban Mobility Systems
Ministry of Mobility|SEMOVI
70 percent of people move by public transport, bicycle or on foot in Mexico City. It is important to bring safe and quality mobility to its population
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President López Obrador seeks justice for the families of the victims of the 2006 Pasta de Conchos' accident.
MOGS Panel
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In the panel "Upstream Infrastructure, Maintenance and Safety", experts reflect on the changes in safety procedures and the opportunities…
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Through infrastructure investments, Banobras Institutional Program seeks to reduce national inequalities and to boost economic growth.
cable car
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The Mexico City government expects the project to be complete by January of next year.
Mauricio Ceballos, MCxA, Architects
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Mauricio Ceballos
Founder & CEO
MCxA Group
Space and distance became more relevant when the pandemic arrived. This is a challenge for architecture but also a door to creativity
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