Marco Vidal, Rizoma
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Marco Vidal
Managing Partner
BIM’s potential in Mexico is still untapped. Rizoma believes that a comprehensive adoption strategy and legislation are key
Weekly Roundups
The entirety of the Mayan Train and all the resources it generates will be property of the armed forces. This and more in this week’s roundup!
Manuel Montoya
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Manuel Montoya
Director for Latin America
Crestron Electronics
"We see ourselves as providers of technologies that create new environments for our clients and their companies."
Jesus Valdez
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Jesús Valdez
Miyamoto International CDMX
"All seismic events that hit Mexico City serve as a reminder of the Earth’s dynamic nature."
Felipe Kops
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Felipe Kops
Director General For Mexico & Central America
"These sanitary concerns existed in our sector before the pandemic, which brought them to the forefront."
julian alberto toro
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Ing. Julián Alberto Toro
Director General
C&C Consulting Construction Group
"Mexico and Brazil are the most important poles of construction development in the Latin American sphere."
Jose Suarez Picazo
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José Suárez Picazo
Urbania VHSP
"Many of the lessons that we have learned in the high-end market are being applied in the social housing sector."
Hector Castellanos
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Héctor Castellanos
President & Director General
Grupo Casgo
"Since the company started, we have stayed on top of all technological trends and innovations, while recruiting young Mexican talent."
Luis Vega
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Luis Vega
Habitat Director
Sustainable building practices require the use of high-quality, long-lasting or reusable materials.
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