US-MX border
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To the disappointment of economies on both countries, the US-Mexico border will remained closed for another month.
President López Obrador
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AMLO teased the proposal of a new private investment package which pends fiscal approval.
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SAT’s Director, Raquel Buenrosto, proposes to eliminate incentives for automakers, as part of a financial package to tax big business.
Bull Bear Economy
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Mexico is not expected to meet AMLO’s desired growth by the end of the year and much less the third quarter.
Market Analysis
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Mexico saw a significant reduction in foreign investment in June after COFECE announced a government bond market manipulation, reports IIF.
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Industrial companies are increasingly prioritizing their long-neglected service business, writes Bain & Company.
AMLO announces new state agency, ANAM
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President López Obrador announced the creation of a new government agency: the National Customs Agency of Mexico (ANAM).
Copyright (IP)
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Mexico needs to expand intellectual property protections and policy to keep up with the automation sector, where it currently has an advantage.
Monte Mickle, Enerlogix
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Monte Mickle
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Monte Mickle and Laurent Meulemans explain how Enerlogix uses its free-market experience to guide clients toward ideal energy management strategies.
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