US-MX border
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To the disappointment of economies on both countries, the US-Mexico border will remained closed for another month.
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After a troubled year, Aeroméxico shows signs of recovery in domestic and international markets and announces more routes.
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Mexico’s northern neighbors take different approaches to travel restrictions. Canada’s Government relaxes theirs thanks to vaccination campaigns.
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WHO urged states to continue implementing a risk-based approach to guarantee safe travel and protect the rights of international travelers.
Hector Robles
View from the Top
Héctor Robles
President for Latin America & Vice President of Global Operations
FirstCall Corporate Security Services
Security companies can sometimes have the unusual job of giving people the good news that Mexico is a lot safer than they think.
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“Viaja Seguro” aims to reactivate Mexico´s travel industry.
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IATA applauded the data-based decision to open borders to vaccinated travelers; the association also made further recommendations.
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Mexico's tourism sector saw a decrease in international tourism during March.
Raymond Zeitouni
Startup Contributor
Raymond Zeitouni Saba
The ‘new normal’ is likely here to stay. With restrictions already in place, what is next for the travel industry?
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