Airplane among clouds
After months in free fall, the aviation industry might be beginning to see signs of a recovery ahead, announced IATA.
Airplane taking off
As the aviation industry faces its worst crisis in recent history, ICAO introduces guidelines to restart the sector.
View from International Space Station
SpaceX becomes the first private company to take astronauts to the International Space Station.
As the COVID-19 outbreak forces airlines to incur in debt, IATA warns that too much debt could be trouble in the long term.
US Airplane
Weekly Roundups
There is pressure from the US and Canada calling for the sector’s reactivation. Operations are expected to resume on June 1.
Cloudy day for aviation
While the entire industry is suffering, Latin America seems to be in a worse position as its two largest airlines have filed for bankruptcy.
Air cargo load
Global organizations request governments to designate air personnel as “key workers”
cargo being loaded into plane
Airports around the nation continue to report less cargo traffic as they absorb the impact of COVID-19.
The largest carrier in the region, LATAM Airlines, files for bankruptcy protection in a US court due to COVID-19.
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