Mexico Automotive Summit
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The automotive industry requires safety, performance and cost-effectiveness; advanced building materials could be the key to achieve these goals.
Daniel Martínez
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Daniel Martínez
General Manager Mexico
Consultec International
Consultec’s Daniel Martínez and Jony Borges explain the company’s growing portfolio of project services for the oil, gas and energy industries.
Weekly Roundups
General Electric will build two aerospace laboratories at its engineering center in Queretaro. Read this and more in the weekly roundup.
Wang Xixian, Director General, Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corporation Mexico
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Wang Xixian
Director General
Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corporation Mexico
3D seismic studies enable easy structural planning of oil fields and help increase production, says Sinopec’s Wang Xixian.
René González, Sales Manager Mexico, CS&P Technologies
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René González
Sales Manager Mexico
CS&P Technologies
Deepwater exploration in Mexico is getting stronger and will materialize soon, says René González.
Victor Salazar, Manager Latin America and Caribbean, CMG
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Victor Salazar
Manager Latin America and Caribbean
The energy transition is gradually happening and CMG’s simulators are already programmed to model three key processes in this transition.
Paolo Benea
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Paolo Benea
Pirelli México
Pirelli is building an R&D center in Silao to increase the company’s tech competitiveness in the North American region, says CEO Paolo Benea.
Karel Fucikovsky
Expert Contributor
Karel Fucikovsky
BU Medical Care Director
Pierre Fabre Farma
There continues to be a large healthcare gap between what is expected and promised versus what the population is receiving, writes Karel Fucikovsky.
Automakers and lithium-ion battery- makers compete to develop future-proof batteries to make BEVs become truly mass-market across the world.
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