Weekly Roundups
As the biggest elections in Mexico's history approach, Facebook launched a tool to control political ads on users’ feeds
Mexico City Metrobus
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Out of cash? Not a problem. New payment methods will come to Mexico City’s Metrobús in June.
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The rover recently landed on Mars, in a mission that will create a better understanding of this planet.
Three decades after the launch of the first Mexican satellite, Mexico’s incipient space industry is preparing for takeoff.
Weekly Roundups
Google will donate 20 million accounts of its education platform to improve the digital experience of public schools in Mexico
Hector Cárdenas
Expert Contributor
Héctor Cárdenas
CEO and Founder
Despite attempts and programs that have been put in place to bank the population, Mexico still lags behind. Conekta’s Cárdenas suggests a way forward.
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New initiatives like Uber Planet and Beat Tesla aim to reduce CO2 emissions and both the user's and companies’ carbon footprint.
MMF 2021 Day 1 1645 FLSmidth Digitalization
Day 1 of Mexico Mining Forum 2021 concludes with a presentation from FLSmidth that covers the latest automation and digitalization technologies.
Apple Pay, Mexico,
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Analysts agree Apple Pay is growing at an accelerated pace. Its arrival in Mexico is part of this fast rise
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