justo, online supermarket
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Mexican online supermarket Jüsto raised US$12 million to strengthen its operations amid a pickup in demand due to COVID-19
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Facebook faces a boycott from advertisers for the way the platform is handling hate speech. So far, more than 400 brands have joined the boycott
Victor Manuel
View from the Top
Victor Manuel Borrás
Director General
Bien para Bien
In a country where financial inclusion levels remain low, Bien para Bien has developed an innovative method involving real estate.
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Microsoft launched an initiative to help unemployed people to acquire digital skills. The program aims to reach 25 million people worldwide
Walmart Store
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Walmart grows its commitment to digitalization with mobile telephone and internet service. The goal is to control customers’ e-purchasing process.
Zoox + Amazon
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Tech giant announced the acquisition of autonomous vehicles start up Zoox for US$1.2 billion.
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In the midst of a health crisis, Alibaba wants to boost e-commerce in Mexico hand-in-hand with GINGroup
offshore platform structure
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A study from Cayros Group evaluates the best offshore structures for different types of field development plans.
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Microsoft will permanently close most of its stores as a result of the pandemic, leaving only four of them as Microsoft Experience Centers
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