David Rocha
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David Rocha
Managing Director and Director General Latin America and Brazil
SparkCognition uses AI and machine learning driven models to provide reliability, safety, efficiency and security in cyber-physical systems.
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A new labeling system for video games will come into effect in May 2021. Games rated C and D may only be purchased by people over 18 years of age
gender equality, feminism, women empowerment
Female entrepreneurs do not have the same opportunities as men. Biases are a significant barrier when raising capital
Lydia Zhang
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Lydia Zhang
President and Co-founder
Ridge Security Technology
Ridgebot used artificial intelligence and machinelearning to carry out fully automated security validation.
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In a new alliance between Kavak and Uber, new benefits rise for both companies and the users of the app.
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The Mexican Space Agency penned a collaboration agreement with UAEMEX to launch a pilot project to monitor agriculture fields.
Huawei, Huawei ICT Academy, Mexico
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The Huawei ICT Academy, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, will provide training and certification to more than 50,000 students
Alejandra Garcia
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Alejandra GarcĂ­a
Country Director
Sophos is a leader in next generation cybersecurity worldwide. Read what the company offers in Mexico.
OnePlus, OnePlus Nord
Weekly Roundups
In the midst of a pandemic, OnePlus is coming from China and wants to conquer the Mexican smartphone market
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