Apple Watch Series 6, Apple, Blood Oxygen
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Apple is confident that the future of health is just above the palm of your hand. With the new Watch Series 6, users can measure their blood oxygen
TikTok, Oracle
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TikTok accepted Oracle's proposal to run its US operations. However, questions remain about whether it will be a direct sale or just a…
Through the use of drone photogrammetry, SOWITEC obtains optimal results from aerial surveys that help plan renewable project developments.
tax, digital tax, facebook
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Digital platforms such as Uber, Netflix or Spotify could be sanctioned and even blocked if they do not comply with their tax obligations in Mexico
Oscar Poblete
Expert Contributor
Oscar Poblete
Regulation and Development of Artificial Intelligence|REDIA
Artificial intelligence and technology will support the education of tomorrow's children.
Raul Gallego
View from the Top
Raúl Gallego
Director General
qiip aims to improve user's financial management with an innovative application.
Night sky
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CONACYT announced the completion of the first fully Mexican surveillance radar Tzinacan.
TikTok, China, US, bid, suitors
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The clock is ticking and negotiations to buy TikTok's US business are still ongoing. What will be the fate of the popular Chinese app?
Weekly Roundups
Huawei, in collaboration with the SCT Centers for Digital Inclusion, seeks to promote Mexican talent through the Seeds of the Future 2020 program.
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