Immediate Solutions for Power Producers
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As the global energy transition ramps up, power producers are looking for smart and adaptable solutions to cutting GHG emissions.
Mexican Talent Draws International Recognition
Weekly Roundups
Mexico has cultivated a thriving technology sector that garnered international attention; industry leaders explore manufacturing semiconductors.
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5G technology is expected to set trends during the next five years but there are numerous barriers to its implementation.
MTF 2021
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Commonly seen as a threat to employees, automation could end up creating thousands of jobs.
MTF21-art-Illustrative-02-0930-Artificial Intelligence and the Future
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AI is taking over the recruitment process. How can companies guarantee a fair, bias-free algorithm for employment?
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Experts agree SMEs face challenges of investment in technologies and innovation that need to be attended previous to an Industry 4.0 transition.
Markus Spiske on Unsplash
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AI is taking over the health sector by supporting R&D and communication.
The pandemic affected the supply chain, sales and exports, but boosted technology implementation in the Mexican market.
AI and ML To Revolutionize Manufacturing
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are no longer futuristic concepts; they can help the entire automotive value chain.
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