Graciela Márquez said CCE sent a letter to President López Obrador endorsing the government’s stance on the future relations with the US.
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Highlights: AMLO says meeting with Trump was based on shared interests, putting aside differences. Business Council endorses results of US visit…
Airbus aircraft
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Airbus registered no new orders for the third month in a row and sees few deliveries amid COVID-19 crisis.
Business Hand Shake
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President López Obrador’s first international trip will have a high-level dinner with some of the most important business people in Mexico and the US
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Houm, one of the most disruptive startups and successful housing platforms in Latin America, sees Mexico as its next destination.
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For Mexico to really seize the opportunities USMCA creates, it will have to invest more in R&D.
During today´s briefing Minister of Energy Rocío Nahle detailed the progress of Dos Bocas refinery project in a video message.
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Highlights: AMLO says that during meeting with Trump, he will ask that US respect migrants. Will arrive Wednesday night on a commercial flight…
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For a generation of people who lived through 2008, no two words sound scarier than “housing bubble.” How vulnerable is Mexico?
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Our interviewees attempt to answer this complex question.
Car Manufacturing
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RBP announced it will open a vehicle manufacturing plant in Ciudad Juarez, being the first FDI project for Mexico after USMCA came into effect.
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