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The Spanish company arrived in Mexico with the help of Latin Leap, seeking to change the capital industry and empower thousands of entrepreneurs.
mexico city, Mexico
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Data revealing a slight contraction in unemployment in Mexico took the spotlight this week
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The National Hydrocarbons Commission has issued a number of key exploration investment approvals.
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The renowned contractor broke records in its work for PEMEX. This and more in this week’s roundup!
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Catch up with the week’s most important finance news. Don’t miss your weekly Finance roundup!
Health Access, Quality with International Cooperation
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WTO’s findings of global systematic health barriers call for wider international cooperation. This and more in the weekly roundup.
Sofia Perez, PARDGEN
View from the Top
Sofia Perez
Vice President of Strategic Relations
Sofia Perez explains Pardgen’s social priorities and outlines how the sector can boost female participation in the executive environment.
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IATA introduced a sustainability training program to build better skills for the sector.
The energy transition is making companies like DNV rethink their approach to how they package their services for the industry.
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