Mexico City is using Big Data and AI to assess COVID-19’s future behavior.
by Claudia Guzmán
López-Gatell is predicting that the peak of infections will come in the first weeks of May, when Phase 3 is expected to be implemented.
by Jeroen Posma
Mexico is exhorting its citizens to stay at home during the long Easter holiday. That’s bad news for the tourism industry.
by Alexa Villarruel
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, AMLO said investment in infrastructure will continue and will generate jobs for the benefit of the country.
by Alejandra Yick
Technology and digitalization are ensuring safe food imports into the country.
by Samantha Bonomo
An increase in cases of domestic violence was reported in Mexico City throughout March, authorities point to isolation as the main cause behind this.
by Bruna Brandao
View from the Top
Jose Garcia-Pimentel
Director and General Manager
Uber Eats México
What steps is Uber Eats taking during this COVID-19 contingency? Read our interview with Director and GM of Uber Eats México, Jose Garcia-Pimentel
by Jan Hogewoning
Weekly Roundups
The week’s major Mexico news for oil and gas.
by Peter Appleby
Weekly Roundups
On Sunday, Mexico expected to have a clearer scenario on the economy, but it seems like we will have to wait longer
by Miriam Bello
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