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While Mexico has no shortage of options when it comes to industrial parks, it takes certain characteristics for one to qualify as top-of-the-line.
Xavier Ordóñez Supply Chain Lead Partner, Deloitte Consulting México
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Xavier Ordóñez
Supply Chain Lead Partner
Deloitte Consulting México
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Deloitte focuses its efforts on helping logistics companies to avoid further disruptions.
las ventas render
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Mexico’s northern region has no shortage of industrial areas. Orange Investment’s new project might bring innovation to the area, however.
Heavy Vehicles
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The pandemic has also affected heavy vehicle production and exports. ANPACT’s figure show a contraction in the sector. Read more here.
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COVID-19 conditions have created new opportunities for delivery companies entering the Mexican market.
Edgardo Hamon
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Edgardo Hamon
Country Manager
Dachser is a global market leader in system logistics. The family-owned company was founded in 1930 in Germany and has 27,000 employees worldwide.
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Cold chains might experience booms or busts depending on how they adapt to post-COVID-19 circumstances.
Agustin Croche
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Agustín Croche
President Mexico
DHL Supply Chain
Digitalization represents the largest logistics opportunity since globalization.
shipping warehouse
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Industry experts are starting to map how supply chains will change after COVID-19.
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