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COVID-19 is transforming the world of work. Despite that many companies have cut jobs, other new positions are being created to face new needs
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A recent news report sheds light on a seldom mentioned Mexican public institute focused on infrastructure research.
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Despite recent negative results in Mexico’s rail cargo figures, one of the sector’s most prominent players is betting on a brighter future.
giulano cacciatore
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Giuliano Cacciatore
Mexico Director
DG Impianti Industriali
“Our suppliers in Mexico have demonstrated exemplary commitment and attentiveness to our needs”
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Global supply chain management operator for the aerospace industry Incora to invest US$1.5 million in Chihuahua.
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The logistics chain is a challenge for companies that have accelerated their e-commerce strategies due to the COVID-19 pandemic
Iñaqui de la Peña
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Iñaqui de la Peña
Country Manager
Logistics' future relies on faster and more accessible services. Dostavista is undertaking a project that promises to bring great progress to…
Roberto Piña Romero, Director of Supply Chain at Vasconia Brands
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Roberto Piña Romero
Director of Supply Chain
Vasconia Brands
Vasconia Brands Supply Chain head Roberto Piña addresses the 2020 challenges and how logistics can boost the Mexican firm expansion plans in the US
Mexican Army  (CC BY-ND 2.0)
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The president decided to put Mexico's ports and customs in the hands of the armed forces due to Mexico's insecurity and drug trafficking…
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