COVID-19-safe port loading and unloading
Mexico is now part of a worldwide initiative to strengthen global logistics through port cooperation.
highway repair
Tropical storm Cristóbal has left significant damage to the road infrastructure of southeastern states.
uber app
The ride-hailing app and its workers are likely hoping that restrictions are loosened soon.
Francisco Giral, CEO of netLogistik
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Francisco Giral
For netLogistiK, a successful logistics industry requires a solid technology backbone.
Ricardo Rochman, CEO and founder of WePort
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Ricardo Rochman
CEO & Founder
For WePort, the biggest challenge to embrace technology transformation comes from the user.
Enrique Segovia Saktesi
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Enrique Segovia
Director General
Saktesi's explains how fleet management companies can take the most advatange of technology implementations.
Lower demand and capacity for cargo
Air cargo fell during April to its lowest point in history, complicating the transport of necessary goods.
orbis logistic fleet
Key companies in the Mexican transportation and logistics sector are performing outstandingly well in the stock market.
inauguration of marine highway program
SCT launched the Marine Highway Program this week, hoping to stimulate cargo movement along Mexico’s ports in times of COVID-19.
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