Hector Robles
View from the Top
Héctor Robles
President for Latin America & Vice President of Global Operations
FirstCall Corporate Security Services
Security companies can sometimes have the unusual job of giving people the good news that Mexico is a lot safer than they think.
Building a Culture of Cybersecurity
To protect against today’s cyberthreats, technology alone is not enough. It is necessary to address the weakest link in the security chain: the human
the Use of AI
Process automation could be an alternative to combat cyberthreats, experts explain.
Ethical Hacking: A Misunderstood Field
For many years the word hacker has been associated with a person whose bad intentions threaten others in the web. Gradually, this concept has expanded
Payment Security and Fraud Prevention
Understanding consumption patterns is key to fraud prevention models
The Technological Risk Surface has increased
The growing use of cloud services has expanded the risk surface of numerous businesses. Experts recommend how to protect it.
Reducing the Risk of Ransomware
The pandemic and working from home practices increased the risk of ransomware attacks, agreed panelists at Mexico Cybersecurity Summit.
Data Protection: A New Competitive Differentiator in the Market
Data is a company’s most important asset, so experts recommend a corporate approach to protection.
How to React to a Cyberattack?
Not to panic and sticking to protocols are just some of the keys to better cope with a cyberattack, said panelists at the Mexico Cybersecurity Summit
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