Sergio Bautista - ABB México
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Sergio Bautista
Robotics & Discrete Automation Director
ABB México
Learn more about the challenges EV battery trains are bringing to different manufacturing processes.
Blue Yonder - Sergio Macías
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Sergio Macías
Business Consultant Automotive Industry
Blue Yonder
Blue Yonder takes a company’s data and transforms it into powerful, time-sensitive information so the company can better adapt to disruption.
Ibero Puebla Raul Ruan
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Raúl Ruan
Director of the M.Sc. Advanced Manufacturing Program
Universidad iberoamericana Puebla
Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla’s M.Sc. in advanced manufacturing has conducted many projects in close collaboration with the industry.
Mauricio Blanc - OMRON
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Mauricio Blanc
Executive Director Latin America
OMRON is advancing Industry 4.0 solutions in Mexico, while quickly responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with new products.
Guillermo Rosales - AMDA
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Guillermo Rosales
Director General
Learn more about the challenges for automotive dealerships and the role of used vehicles in the industry’s recovery.
Mauricio Torres
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Mauricio Torres
Director General
Aqua Machinery
Waterjet cutting allows cleaner cuts. If Aqua Machinery meets its goals, this technology will be available across the entire production chain
EPICOR - Antonio López
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Antonio López
Vice President
Epicor Latin America
EPICOR explains its success stories in making operations more cost-efficient while supporting its customer base during the COVID-19 pandemic
Manuel Nieblas
Manufacturing Industry Leader Partner
Automotive and manufacturing industry leaders at Deloitte highlight the opportunities that could emerge from the pandemic.
Antonio López - ARIDRA
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Antonio López
MLD is a Mexican spare part seller focused on the aftermarket. Learn more about its successful digital sales strategies.
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