Boston Dynamics - Dog Robot
News Article
Ford is leasing two Boston Dynamics robots to scan its Van Dyke transmission plant at a fraction of the time and cost.
Francisco Cabeza - Engie
View from the Top
Francisco Cabeza
Electric Mobility Manager
Taking advantage of its energy expertise, Engie is advancing electromobility projects in Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru.
Christián Fernández
View from the Top
Cristián Fernández
CEO and Founder
As technology evolves, tracking devices have become more accessible tools to improve on-the-road efficiency.
Interesse Ruben Illescas
View from the Top
Deputy Director General
Ruben Illescas
Interesse is betting on insuring vehicles used for ride-hailing applications. Technology is essential for this. Read the full story here.
SCHUNK - Marcos Sepúlveda
View from the Top
Marcos Sepúlveda
Director General México and Latin America
Director General México of SCHUNK shares its view on the keys to asure competitiveness and good results in the metal-mechanic industry.
Siemens - Alejandro Preinfalk
View from the Top
Alejandro Preinfalk
Siemens México
Siemens is leading the Industry 4.0 revolution. Alejandro Preinflak talks about the road toward technology adoption in Mexico.
BMW Car Key
Weekly Roundups
BMW’s partnership with Apple, Audi and Volkswagen resumed operations and the pandemic’s impact on heavy-vehicles. Do not miss the Week in Automotive!
BMW - CarKey
News Article
During its WWDC keynote speech, Apple announced its partnership with BMW to incorporate CarKey as a feature to unlock BMW’s models using an iPhone.
Tesla Charger
Weekly Roundups
Industry highlights include Tesla, AMDA, Puebla’s new normal issues and the new Industrial Property Law. Catch up with the industry’s trends!
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