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The country went down in DHL’s Global Connectedness ranking, what does that mean for its logistics and connectivity?
Siemens - Alejandro Preinflak
View from the Top
Alejandro Preinflak
Siemens Mexico and Central America
A digital twin can speed up production, make it more efficient and less expensive, says technology leader Siemens.
Digital Twins - EV
Learn more about what digital and electric twins are and how they contribute to advancing electromobility at the consumer and manufacturing level
Christian Wiediger
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Chip shortages continue to hit global vehicle production and consequences might be long lasting.
5G Advances - Qualcomm
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Since the beginning of 2021, 301 new cities have adopted 5G, reports Viavi Solutions. Do not miss the details.
Guanajuato Mindfacturing Valley
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Guanajuato's government strengthened its innovation and entrepreneurship strategies.
Hyundai, Boston Dynamics
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The South Korean giant is taking bold steps towards becoming an integrated mobility company. Read the details.
The Week in Automotive
Weekly Roundups
Yanfeng's new plants, heavy vehicle sustainability, the business of data and more in this week’s automotive roundup!
Joey Jyber
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Connected vehicle data company Wejo announces plans to make mobility safer. Do not miss this new business line!
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