Nissan Mayu
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Nissan Mexico is taking an innovative approach to integrating its workforce with Mayu, its new platform.
Kavak, AWS, Machine Learning
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Learn more about how Kavak deploys machine learning applications through AWS’s systems.
Volvo Cars - Mexico - Connectivity
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Discover Volvo Cars Mexico’ plans to launch subscription plans for car-as-a-service subscription.
Processor - SemiConductor
A vehicle produced today requires up to 3,500 semiconductors. Learn more about the sourcing and implications of their low availability.
Chip Shortages
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Chip shortages continue to disrupt the industry; Volkswagen and Daimler warned about the hit in 2Q21.
WebfFleet - Manuel de la Torre
View from the Top
Manuel de la Torre
General Manager
Webfleet Solutions
Webfleet Solutions, previously known as TomTom Telematics, is a supplier of telematics solutions for fleet management and connected car applications.
Learn more about the milestones Kavak has reached throughout its almost five years in the market. Do not miss the remarks by Uber, BBVA and KPMG.
Incentives, Infrastructure Needed to Advance Heavy Vehicle Trends
MAS 2021 panelists agree on the wealth of benefits technology brings to heavy vehicles. However, much work remains to ensure profits.
Traffic Light
News Article
Leon introduced a Smart Road Mobility System, making strong advancements for innovation in Mexico. Is a future of smarter mobility close for Mexico?
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