A wall of license plates.
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To reduce the popular practice of purchasing cars out of state to avoid paying local fees, Mexico City has banned the activity.
Nissan Pick-Up
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Nissan will move the production of Versa and V-Drive from its CIVAC plant to Aguascalientes.
Audi México
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Audi México is rebuilding its San Jose Chiapa plant to begin production of a new model.
Queretaro Downtown
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The German firm will begin operations in Queretaro in 2Q2022, with six projects to supply OEMs such as Tesla and General Motors.
The inside of a factory.
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IMMEX and shelters offer numerous benefits for clients across multiple industries, says Intermex Industrial Parks.
A street showing cars driving by
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AMDA and Urban Science Agency Latin American expect a year of challenges due to the continued shortage of materials.
Weekly Roundup
Weekly Roundups
Volvo, Honda and Renault signed chip deals with Qualcomm to refurbish their vehicles’ infotainment systems. Read this and more in your weekly roundup!
View from the Top
Arturo Morales
Director of Events and Marketing
Gardner Business Media
The International Expo of Technology and Manufacturing for Latin America (FITMA) will host innovative tech and manufacturing companies.
Canadian flag waving
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Although previously assuming the position of an interested third party, Canada has taken a more aggressive stance against US auto parts origin rules.
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