The Week in Automotive
Weekly Roundups
GM is investing US$1 billion in Ramos Arizpe while new investments arrive in Guanajuato. This is the week in automotive!
Guanajuato Investment
News Article
Guanajuato continues to attract investments in the automotive sector. Read the details about Le Belier's US$68million plant coming to the state.
CLAUZ - Mónica Doger
View from the Top
Mónica Doger
Director General
“We are convinced we can foster growth within the automotive supply chain.” Read our full interview with CLAUZ, here.
Jeronimo García - Disruptive Matters
View from the Top
Jerónimo García De Brahi
Co-Founder and CEO
Disruptive Matters
Disruptive Matters is a consulting firm focused on democratizing accessible premium services for companies and organizations!
Evonik - Martin Toscano
View from the Top
Martin Toscano
President and General Manager
Evonik Industries de México
Martín Toscano, President and General Manager of Evonik Industries de México, details the defining trends for the specialty chemical sector.
Weekly Roundups
Top industry experts gathered to discuss the trends in the automotive sector. Read some of the highlights here!
Insur - Rodrigo Vega
View from the Top
Rodrigo Vega
Marketing Director
Constructora Insur
Learn more about the role a specialized construction partner plays in the development of new technologies.
The State of the Industry
A recap of the most important trends influencing the Mexican automotive sector, from light to heavy vehicles, through the entire supply chain
Safe, Sustainable, Smart
The pandemic forced safer operations while accelerating digitalization. At the same time, automakers have announced carbon neutrality commitments.
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