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The Rodeo Project starts gold production, Camino Rojo gold reserves increased and VanGold partnered with Behre Dolbear for the El Cubo project.
Camino Rojo
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The company released the results of its feasibility study showing an increase in gold reserves and a 3.5-year extension to Camino Rojo’s life.
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Both companies have reported the highest stock prices in 2020. Prices are expected to continue increasing due to the high demand for precious metals.
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The company reported Los Reyes’ progress in Sinaloa, while announcing the operations and studies it will carry out in 2021.
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The company announced that its Fenix project in Sinaloa will be operational for almost 10 years.
orla mining
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Camino Rojo, Pinos Distict and Juanicipio are among the main national mining projects for next year.
Open mine
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The global pandemic pushed the price of precious metals to record levels.
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Gold prices soared and then fell after international news makes and breaks the precious metal’s fortunes.
tmx group
View from the Top
Dean McPherson
Head of Business Development, Global Mining
Toronto Stock Exchange and TSXV
Mining companies should be aggressive when it comes to increasing their level of ESG disclosure and communication with the investment community.
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