magna gold
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Arturo Bonillas
President and CEO
Magna Gold Corp
The company is carrying out drilling in and around its two operating open pits and expects to add at least 250,000oz by year’s end.
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Oswaldo Guzmán
Director General
There have been significant breakthroughs in safety requirements for miners. Over the past 15 years, safety has become a top priority for companies.
Alberto Vázquez
VHG Legal
The opportunity cost of not having an Undersecretariat of Mining will eventually be greater than the short term saving that can be achieved.
los filos
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Mining activities at the Guerrero mine have been halted by members of the Carrizalillo community.
urresta erm
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Renato Urresta
Principal Consultant
Health has always been a part of sustainability but the pandemic has made it more central. The economic, political and cultural framework is key.
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Fernando Thompson
Director General
The digital services industry advanced three years in just a few months of lockdown. Mexico is not prepared and security gaps abound.
Iberdrola's Oaxaca Wind Farm
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For Mexico’s energy-intensive mining industry, it is of vital importance to have access to a stable supply of energy.
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Highlights at Los Filos include the restart of open-pit and underground development activities and a study for a new carbon-in-leach plant.
jon bell dynapro
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Jonathon Bell
Vice President Sales and Marketing
Dynapro Pumps Mexico
Herencia Minera is a program created with the Sonora Mining Cluster to highlight the contributions of mining companies to their communities.
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