Blanca Martinez Mendoza
Expert Contributor
Blanca Martinez Mendoza
Director for International Cooperation
National Agency for Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection of the Hydrocarbons Sector (ASEA)
ASEA collaborates with international regulators and other actors to share best practices and promote its values abroad, writes Blanca Martinez.
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Argonaut Gold aims to replicate this plan in its other assets once their life span is over.
Building in front of a blue sky
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Peñoles is one of the first companies of the sector that implements a 148-174MHz frequency band.
Person writing in a paper
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According to Gómez, this movement could disentangle negotiations of a 15-year-old labor dispute in Zacatecas.
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In 2H22, it will have to deal with labor market challenges, supply chain issues and inflation. However, it expects to reach its production targets.
Julio Guerrero
View from the Top
Julio Guerrero
Country Manager
Harvey Gulf International Marine de Mexico
Risk evaluations and safety factors are key to Harvey Gulf’s operations, says Julio Guerrero.
Airport's runway
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According to authorities, the closures were prearranged to not significantly affect airline operations.
Weekly Roundups
Companies applying strong ESG policies seem to show better results of their operations plus they have fewer issues with the government.
VR technology helps build mine site simulations, helping operators to train staff and reduce accidents.
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