Miguel Mayorga, GREENfluidics
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Miguel Mayorga
Miguel Mayorga outlines how the company works toward wellness by breaking paradigms in bio-technology.
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Total is one of the leading IOCs divesting from fossil fuels and investing in renewables. What does this trend mean globally?
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Good faith negotiations with the Mexican Mining Union were key for ending a strike at the company’s mine in Durango.
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The scientific arguments Dr. Molina made on Mexico’s issues regarding pollution will continue to be influential toward the future.
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Dr. Mario Molina died on Wednesday. Read this week’s energy news here.
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The ESG focused ETF collected US$450 million, revealing Mexico’s need for options regarding Green Finance.
eiti paris
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Francisco Paris
Latin America and Caribbean Director
Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)
Environmental issues are key drivers for civil society. In response, EITI has started to expand the conversation with SEMARNAT and ASEA.
aos social caso
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Alfonso Caso
Miners have to be proactive and reach out to the communities. Proactive communication builds; reactive communication justifies.
pure silver
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Ingrid Putkonen PhD
Managing Director
Mining is often seen as part of the world’s problems. Actually, the industry can and must be part of the solution.
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