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L'Oreals new president in Mexico explains how the company is handling its new programs and strategies due to current problems.
Phone with an online shop on screen
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COVID-19 has created a more urgent need for digitalization and those who heed the call are noticing positive results.
Retail store shown from the outside
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This holiday season brings new challenges to Mexican retailers, not only because of sanitary reasons but also due to timing and logistics.
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The increase in online purchases due to the pandemic showed logistics is the main Achilles' heel for almost all businesses in the e-commerce…
Estafeta CEO Ingo Babrikowski
View from the Top
Ingo Babrikowski
Estafeta CEO Ingo Babrikowski addresses challenges, expansion plans and explains why they increased their investment ceiling 25 percent in 2020
Selene Diez Reyes, Forte Innovation Consulting
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Selene Diez Reyes
Director General
Forte Innovation Consulting
One of the great myths of digital transformation is that companies need a big budget to start a project, says Forte Innovation
back to school
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The back-to-school season is an opportunity for companies to increase their e-commerce presence in Mexico and grow their market share
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Weekly Roundups
COVID-19 is transforming the world of work. Despite that many companies have cut jobs, other new positions are being created to face new needs
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Online sales and skincare products will help the beauty industry to counter negative results
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