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With a new year come new ways of developing online business. What are some of the key factors to keep in mind?
Stocks and shares
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A surprise announcement lifts prices after the first OPEC+ meeting of the year.
tanker at sea
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The increased stimulus package could generate spending and activate the world’s largest economy.
Weekly Roundups
Leadership changes, acquisitions and blockages are part of this week’s top news.
Offshore platform
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As vaccinations help the globe move past COVID-19, supply will not meet demand needs, says Rystad Energy.
Airplane at airpot
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Jet fuel lags far behind pre-pandemic demand levels, while other fuel types has almost returned to normal levels.
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During INIFAP’s anniversary celebration, Víctor Villalobos addressed the need for investment in agriculture in Mexico.
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador
How has the industry changed for the private sector since López Obrador came to power?
field pump
Weekly Roundups
OPEC+’s testy debate over 2021 production cuts was eventually successful. Meanwhile, CNH authorized fracking for one PEMEX plan.
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