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President López Obrador has floated the possibility of reversing the Energy Reform once again.
Peter Griffin, Gas Liquids Engineering
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Peter Griffin
Vice President and International Business Director
Gas Liquids Engineering
GLE’s Peter Griffin outlines the main opportunities and challenges in Mexico’s gas sector.
Gas station
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The group discusses how to prepare should demand drop again.
Yosafat Esquitin
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Yosafat Esquitin
Well Completions Sales Director USA and MCA
Welltec's Yosafat Esquitin discusses the cost-effective and technology-led well completion services his company is set to deliver in Mexico.
Juan Acra, COMENER
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Juan Acra
Juan Acra describes the council’s work to promote energy infrastructure, technology and open dialogue in Mexico.
Arturo Rodríguez
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Arturo Rodríguez
Managing Director
Ramboll Mexico
Ramboll Mexico Managing Director Arturo Rodríguez discusses the future of environmental and industrial safety in the "new normal".
giulano cacciatore
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Giuliano Cacciatore
Mexico Director
DG Impianti Industriali
“Our suppliers in Mexico have demonstrated exemplary commitment and attentiveness to our needs”
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Higher commodity prices and lower costs have resulted in a significant rise in profitability for the world's top silver producer.
Oil platform
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Prolonged lockdown measures have battered PEMEX’s gas sales while other privates have been able to buffer their losses through market trading.
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