rafael llamas director general cargotecnia
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Rafael Llamas
Director General
"We can expect the private sector to make a comeback in the near future in an effort to keep unemployment numbers under control"
Schreiner Parker
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Schreiner Parker
Latin America Vice President
Rystad Energy
Rystad Energy's Latin America VP Schreiner Parker shares forecasts and trends for Mexico's oil industry as it grapples with the COVID-19…
Víctor Oliveros
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Víctor Oliveros
Business Development Director
Worley's Business Development Director Víctor Oliveros discusses how Worley will target the growing opportunities across Mexico's value…
Oilnova CEO, Antonio Roldán
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Antonio Roldán
Oilnova CEO, Antonio Roldán, explains the areas of opportunity - and the challenges - he sees in Mexico's retail sector.
Oil Field
Weekly Roundups
The week’s major Mexico news for oil and gas.
PEMEX storage
With the world hurtling toward its maximum petroleum storage capacity, how does Mexico’s situation stack up?
Roca Ventures Pablo Nieto
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Pablo Nieto
Vice President
Roca Ventures
"The refinery has definitely put Dos Bocas deeper into the eye of the storm. It is now much more present on operators’ radar"
Reflection of gas station
Weekly Roundups
The industry in Mexico, like the rest of the world, suffers from the double impact of COVID-19 and extremely low oil prices.
snr crude processing
With a new focus on achieving energy sovereignty, PEMEX’s Industrial Transformation will need to step up and play a crucial role.
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