Operator Priorities: What Should Come Next and Why?
Operators in Mexico move forward with their investments as they wait for a clear path forward concerning their role in the sector’s development.
MOGS2020 Day 1: Achieving Cost-Efficiency and Operational Excellence in Onshore Projects
Onshore players discuss the future of local supply chains, drilling methods that drive cost-efficiency and opportunities to include local communities.
Jaguar E&P: Milestones and Progress in Onshore Upstream Activities
Levy lays out Jaguar E&P’s plans for the years ahead and the company’s expected reserves can fuel Mexican homes for the next 50 years.
Gumersindo Novillo
View from the Top
Gumersindo Novillo
General Manager
DS Servicios Petroleros at Diavaz DEP
Gumersindo Novillo explains how Diavaz has shifted from service provider to operator and challenges the company has overcome.
MOGS 2020
News Article
Day 2 of MOGS 2020 hosts Merlin Cochran, Director General of AMEXHI, and his presentation titled "Operator Priorities: What Should Come Next and…
MOGS Panel
News Article
During the panel titled "Achieving Cost-Efficiency and Operational Excellence in Onshore Projects", participants agreed on the best steps…
Warren Levy
News Article
Mexico is missing a trick in not developing natural gas further, says Warren Levy.
Jose Antonio de la Vega
News Article
Minister for Energy Development of the State of Tabasco José Antonio de la Vega launched Mexico Oil and Gas Summit 2020.
Rep Ultra Clean Tech Results
Repstim presents its Rep Ultra Clean system, capable of supporting comprehensive well cleanouts while saving operators time and money.
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