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The CNH approved the plan of the NOC to further develop its Quesqui field.
Hidrocarburos por cuenca
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CNH approved Repsol to explore Cuenca de Burgos, as well as for Chevron and PC Carigali to abandon deepwater blocks.
PEMEX CEO signing a contract
Weekly Roundups
After million-dollar fines for emissions, PEMEX announced that it will stop flaring at Ixachi.
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CNH approved exploration plans for TotalEnergies, Eni, Repsol and Shell. CRE approved 43 permits for selling gasoline and diesel.
oil field
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PEMEX expects to extract 494MMb from Ixtoc.
Sea Platform
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PEMEX CEO reported improvements in production. He highlighted its cost reduction and optimization strategy.
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The IMP’s Technological Center for Exploration and Production is dedicated to finding solutions for Mexico’s upstream challenges.
Octavio Romero Ayatsil
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PEMEX has added another two producing wells at the Ayatsil shallow water field as part of the NOC’s plans to up production by 50 percent
Guillermo Barrera
View from the Top
Guillermo Barrera
Olam Energy
Olam is developing new technology regarding offshore well stimulation, allowing the company to compete with big multinational corporations.
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