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Following intensive talks between Mexico’s government, the US government and US companies, agreements will likely materialize soon.
Pajaritos Terminal
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PEMEX maintenance procedures have once again been called into question following an oil spill in the Veracruz.
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CHN gives PEMEX permission to pursue exploratory drilling at a shallow water field which encroaches on an Eni controlled assignment
California Oil Rig
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The CNH approved Perseus' modification plans for round one of the evaluation program on the onshore site in Tabasco.
MOGS 2022
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A recent admission from the NOC suggests that a change in the rules that govern its practices might be appropriate.
Roberto Diaz de Leon
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Roberto Díaz de León
National President
The oil and gas industry still faces significant challenges in Mexico. Unity among public and private players will play a big part in overcoming them.
David Enriquez
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David Enríquez
Senior Partner
Goodrich, Riquelme y Asociados
If Mexico is to have an energy market, it needs to provide an even playing field, says Goodrich, Riquelme y Asociados' Senior Partner David…
MOGS 2022
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Mexico Oil & Gas Summit 2022 has been structured with the most interesting growth opportunities in mind.
Jose Bosch
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José Bosch
Oleum Energy
José Bosch discusses the developments and successes that have defined the path forward for Oleum’s ambitions as an operator.
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