Malvin Delgado
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Malvin Delgado
Director of Sales and Operations for Latin America
T.D. Williamson
"Overall, we have to be part of a reconfiguration of the service economy to adapt to this historic moment through maintenance discipline"
Rep Ultra Clean Tech Results
Repstim presents its Rep Ultra Clean system, capable of supporting comprehensive well cleanouts while saving operators time and money.
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OPEC’s 332-page report reaffirms oil’s reduced global energy market share, though demand for it will rise in non-OECD nations.
Luis Alcala, Lloyd's Register
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Luis Alcalá
Business Development Manager for Strategic Offshore Projects in the Americas Region
Lloyd’s Register
"We’ve been helping our clients to avoid potential disruption to their operations by increasing the number of remote inspections that we carry…
North Sea Platform
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The British company has four assets in Mexico including a non-operating participation in Talos Energy’s Block 7.
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The Category 4 hurricane will make land near Cancun tonight.
Belden Hirschmann EAGLE40
With IT/OT convergence on the horizon for Mexico’s industries and their worksites, cybersecurity hardware is now more important than ever.
Platform being built
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Three private operators have taken steps forward in the run up to first oil.
Stocks and shares
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Mobility restrictions in countries with rising COVID-19 cases could see demand fall again.
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