Stephan Drouaud
View from the Top
Stephan Drouaud
Trion Project Director
“It has been a privilege to lead my team for the last two years and built a very valuable working environment with all our key stakeholders in Mexico”
The number of discoveries that took place during the pandemic demonstrates the unstoppable nature of Mexico’s resource potential.
MOGS-MBN-2021-02-1600-Financing the Future
The conversation around the industry’s financial outlook was dominated by alternative solutions to well-known problems.
MOGS-MBN-2021-02-1500-PEMEX Production Performance
Fluvio Ruiz Alarcón shares his thoughts on how PEMEX in its new role as a cornerstone for energy security is shaping up.
MOGS-MBN-2021-02-1300-Onshore Oil & Gas Production
Onshore operators contrast the opportunities of their sector with the realities and challenges that still await them.
An exchange of strategies to survive the pandemic turns into a discussion on the importance of coordination and planning for offshore suppliers.
Fluvio Ruiz
Expert Contributor
Fluvio Ruiz Alarcón
Senate of the Republic
PEMEX and the sector face complex challenges. Here are some proposals that could help reshape both.
John Padilla
View from the Top
John Padilla
Managing Director
IPD Latin America
Padilla shares conversations he is having with his clients regarding the possibilities of change within the industry’s legal framework.
News Article
Mexico’s export practices in the US clash with the current administration’s proposed energy reforms, argued former USMCA negotiator.
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