President López Obrador July 2 briefing in National Palace.
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Highlights: AMLO reacts to yesterday’s massacre of 26 young adults in Irapuato. Says trade must be balanced with other countries or regions…
Minister of Economy Graciela Márquez and Minister of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard addressed the start of the USMCA trade treaty in today's briefing..
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Highlights: Ebrard confirms President López Obrador to visit the US on July 8, 9. Graciela Márquez says trade agreement is different from NAFTA…
Andrés Brügmann mexico country manager fieldwood energy
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Andrés Brügmann
Mexico Country Manager
Fieldwood Energy
"We are doing everything possible to maintain the project schedule and complete the commissioning of the facilities during the last quarter of…
Weekly Roundups
The top news in oil and gas this week.
President López Obrador during his daily briefing today in Texcoco, State of Mexico.
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Highlights: AMLO says Spanish energy firm is willing to invest, but warns Mexico is no longer conquered. No political implications in Washington tour…
victor escalante cfo Constructora y Perforadora LATINA
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Víctor Escalante
Constructora y Perforadora LATINA
"For our staff and our leadership committees, the current situation is an opportunity for us to apply once again the lessons of the past"
Kelly Country Manager Gabriel Aparicio
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Gabriel Aparicio
Country Manager
Kelly Country Manager Gabriel Aparicio explains the changing nature of Mexico's talent pool and how company's must react to secure the best…
Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López-Gatell during June's 23 briefing.
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The Ministry of Health reports the national total of COVID-19 cases rose to 191,410. A further 793 deaths were also recorded since yesterday
Salina Cruz fire
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In a unfortunate coincidence, Salina Cruz refinery took damaged again during a strong earthquake
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