Global Fight Against HIV
Are we paying enough attention to HIV? This everyday fight faces a potential long-term threat due to COVID-19.
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Karel Fucikovsky
Pharma Director
Pierre Fabre Mexico
Strengthening its focus on oncology, Pierre Fabre is looking to make Mexico a primary destination for its solutions.
Medical Cannabis: Legal Status and Health Benefits
How does the lack of regulation affect patients who can benefit from the medical use of cannabis?
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Jesus Diaz
With one of the largest hospital networks in Mexico and the US, CHRSITUS MUGUERZA is a key player in building health cybersecurity.
Women’s Healthcare Falls Behind
Women’s healthcare has been neglected in Mexico. The country would have to invest at least 5 percent of its GDP to close this gap.
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Edvard Philipson
Vice President of Latin America
Starkey Hearing Technologies
Hearing loss affects children and adults. Customizing a hearing aid system can be of great value to patients.
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Herman Soto
HS Estudios Farmacoeconómicos
Every healthcare system must use limited resources to help as many people as possible. Pharmacoeconomic analyses can be an essential tool to that end.
Wider COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Expected Till March
Weekly Roundups
December seems to be the promised month for a COVID-19 vaccine. However, distribution will be limited the first months.
Claudia Sulaimán, Deputy Director General of AKUASUL
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Claudia Sulaimán
Deputy Director General
With only foreign competitors, local chart production for precise graphic registration in Mexico is dominated by AKUASUL.
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