Mexico’s Right to Health
Health in Mexico is a recognized human right. Can the country say this is true for everyone?
Access to Innovation: Pandemic Dispute
Weekly Roundups
The extensive collaboration efforts to develop a vaccine seem to not apply to its distribution. This is the Week in Health!
Inequality Delays Vaccine Access Until 2023
News Article
International cooperation is needed to revert the current negative trends that limit vaccine access for several countries.
Treatment Access Priority in Mexico
News Article
The Access to Medicine Foundation reveals that Mexico is among the countries with more strategies for therapies access.
Mental Health: Priority for Future Policies
News Article
The Congress approved a reform to prioritize mental health and addictions in health programs.
Mexico Calls Out Vaccine Monopoly
Weekly Roundups
Fair distribution and cooperation are essential to get over crisis. Are all countries contributing to the same cause?
Biosecurity and the Environment
News Article
Veolus integrated biosecurity products and services for disinfecting spaces and surfaces to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms in the environment.
Running Against the Clock: Developing a COVID-19 Vaccine
Treatment and vaccine developing leaders share their experience on delivering a solution to the COVID-19 pandemic.
International Perspectives of COVID-19
UK Ambassador to Mexico Corin Robertson detailed how this pandemic has demonstrated the importance of exchanging knowledge at a global level.
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