Addressing Financial Hardship Through Custom Plans
Private health coverage could be boosted through inclusive financial services. How can these improve in Mexico?
COVID-19 Vaccine Patents Under the Spotlight
Weekly Roundups
This week, Mexico began HIV vaccination trials while the US analyzes waiving patents of COVID-19 vaccines.
COVID-19’s Impact on People with Disabilities
News Article
Mexico’s 21 million people living with disabilities faced a double challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read about it here.
Mural Med_IMG_2019_Luis Lojero_TAbn
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Luis Lojero
Mural Med
Bringing together patient data is the new goal of the sector. How can this help with treatment? CEO of Mural Med explains in this article.
Mexico Joins HIV Vaccine Clinical Trial
News Article
HIV vaccine clinical trial to take place in Mexico with around 250 participants.
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Fernando Cruz
Country President and Head of Corporate Affairs and Communication
Novartis Group Mexico
Novartis is enhancing medicine access in developing countries. Country President Fernando Cruz explains the company’s efforts.
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José Solís-Padilla
Senior Administrator for International Business Development
Mayo Clinic
A global leader in the medical field, Mayo Clinic continues to impact the lives of patients, spurring innovation through research and education.
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Efrén Ocampo
Grupo Neolpharma
Grupo Neolpharma prepares to inaugurate a new injectables plant, while it studies the construction of a new facility for API production.
Diplomacy Can Also Solve A Health Crisis
Weekly Roundups
Unity and collaboration have been banners in the fight against COVID-19, and remain so a year into the pandemic.
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