COVID-19 Third Wave Overshadowed by Other Matters
Weekly Roundups
Medicine shortages, the Ministry’s migration and neglected health issues shared the spotlight this week with COVID-19.
Protests for Medicines Reach the IACHR
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Despite criticism, parents of children with cancer continue protesting the shortage ontological medicines with a complaint to the IACHR.
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Enrique Liñero
Country Manager
Through investments in access and innovation, Sandoz strengthens its market positioning.
Ministry of Health to Move to Guerrero
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Mexico’s Ministry of Health could move headquarters from Mexico City to Guerrero in October, said President López Obrador.
World Brain Day Focuses on Multiple Sclerosis Awareness, Care
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Multiple sclerosis affects millions of people in the world and tens of thousands in Mexico. Read more here.
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Lance Hill
Within3 es una plataforma digital en tiempo real que rompe las barreras del tiempo y el espacio para brindar una mejor atención a los pacientes.
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Horacio Garza
Director General
Educational training and quality care make CHRISTUS MUGUERZA one of the most important medical networks in the country.
OCASA Logistics_IMG_2019_Alesio Bereciartu
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Alesio Bereciartu
Commercial Director of the Life Sciences Division Latin America
OCASA doubled its volume of general deliveries during COVID-19 by supporting companies, governments and patients in controlling the virus’ spread.
Personalized Medicine Through Tech: A Possibility for Mexico
News Article
Personalized medicine is the future of care, and Mexico is in a good position to implement it.
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