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Optimism hits the country as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced Mexico’s participation in more than one vaccine development program.
How can apps support hospitals during a pandemic? In this article, experts explain their functionality.
The First Mexican Ventilator is Officially Here
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Mexico has a ventilator of its own making thanks to collaboration between public and private entities fighting against the COVID-19 sanitary crisis.
Enrique Remezal Solano  CEO of icon Group
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Enrique Remezal
icon Group
Joining the digital transformation, icon Group created comprehensive solutions to support healthcare talent development.
Mexico’s Opportunities And Challenges As A Research Hub
What is Mexico’s potential to become a research hub and how can the country successfully capitalize on this opportunity?
Victor Saadia Founder and Director General of Alive Wellness Consulting
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Victor Saadia
Founder and Director General
Alive Wellness Consulting
Why should companies worry about fostering individual well-being among collaborators? Victor Saadia, from Alive Consulting, has the answer.
Mexican Ventilator Stands Against COVID-19
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Talent, entrepreneurial initiatives and alliances respond to the COVID-19 pandemic with a ventilator development.
Jorge Klipstein Director General of Doraldent
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Jorge Klipstein
Director General
Innovation has been key to making Doraldent the No.1 white label maker of children's toothbrushes, says Director General Jorge Klipstein
Transformative Healthcare Reforms Despite COVID-19
Weekly Roundups
Despite the global pandemic, long time epidemics such as obesity must still be addressed in the country.
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