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Sonoro Gold
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The company announced that it will accept a private placement offer, which will primarily finance its Cerro Caliche program.
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The NOC’s future plans include a restructuring of its debt payments and a delay in the opening of Dos Bocas.
Fernando de Obeso
Expert Contributor
Fernando De Obeso
Salud Fácil
Many small and medium hospitals struggle to get proper financing. The banking industry is partially to blame but not all the blame is on them.
Jose Perez-Arenas, Qenergy
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José Luis Pérez-Arenas
Managing Partner
Do not miss our interview with José Pérez-Arenas, Managing Partner of Qenergy, an independent and financially stable energy service provider.
Weekly Roundups
Catch up with the week’s most important Financial news. Don’t miss your weekly Finance!
Weekly Roundups
The counter-reform and energy projects on the state level are among this week’s top stories.
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Rubén Gaitán
Executive Director
Alandra Medical
Through foreign investment, Alandra Medical seeks to grow its clinically supported product in the Mexican and global market.
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The state is gearing up to support more energy projects to diversify its energy mix further. Read all about it here!
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