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A novel phase for medical devices emerges as their development becomes patient-centric.
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From regulatory obstacles to a fragmented healthcare system, Mexico faces several challenges to offer innovative cancer treatments.
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Mexico is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of medical devices but has room to grow as a technology developer.
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Technology improves lives and healthcare systems but these advances have not achieved full democratization in Mexico, agreed experts.
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Patient-centric business models demand the collaboration of patients, authorities and doctors to ensure access to health services.
Agustin Azcatl Romero
Expert Contributor
Agustin Azcatl Romero
Patent Director
Romo de Vivar VIP Services
With a revised regulation on the horizon, Agustin Azcatl looks at the implications for medical devices and supplies.
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Luis Garduño
Partner and CEO
Improving medical devices and processes at care provision facilities mainly involves biomedical engineers, says Art-Técnica´s Luis Garduño.
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Montserrat Galindo
Head of Market Access
Only through collaboration and regulation will the medical device industry truly benefits the patient, says Masimo’s Montserrat Galindo.
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Ricardo Márquez
Informatics Sales Manager Mexico
Healthtech leader Philips has developed a highly configurable medical record to standardize and digitize hospital practices, says Ricardo Márquez.
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