Startups Transforming the Healthcare Environment
Innovation technology and science unite to offer disruptive solutions. However, success in entrepreneurship faces many barriers.
Drager_IMG_2019_Pablo Bufano
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Pablo Bufano
Managing Director
Dräger Mexico
After demand increased on masks and personal protection equipment, German ventilator manufacturer expanded its production aiming to grow market shares
 Laurel and Michael Evans on Unplash
Experts agree the health industry will play a key role in helping the country brave both its health and economic crises.
Raúl Jacobo Health Manager of CHG-Meridian Mexico
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Raúl Jacobo
Health Manager
CHG-Meridian Mexico
Interconnected Hospital Trend Drives Technology Adoption
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Carlos Hernández
General Manager for Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean
Beckman Coulter Diagnostics
Focusing on bringing back diagnosis priorities, Beckman Coulter submits its products to studies for diverse uses
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Lance Hill
Within3, a real-time digital platform that breaks time and space barriers and connects stakeholders, is helping to deliver better care to patients.
 Brian McGowan on Unsplash
News Article
Home care is already common among the elderly or people with chronic diseases. Can this model become a long-term practice?
AMID_IMG_2021_Alejandro Paolini
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Alejandro Paolini
AMID’s vision to strengthen medical devices consumption is gaining ground through collaboration with the government.
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Héctor Barillas
Director General
Antimicrobial resistance is still a priority for global governments and bioMeriuex is providing education programs to face this.
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