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Gabriela Clavel
Abeile Med
Mexico has doctors and the necessary infrastructure to attract medical tourism. Abeile Med wants to make that happen, says Gabriela Clavel.
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IATA urged governments to follow WHO protocols and encouraged opening borders.
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Mexico’s strong medical tourism industry could expand to offer this service, say local experts.
Tomás Sibaja
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Tomás Sibaja
Aerospace Cluster of Baja California AC
You can only discern the essence of Baja if you live here, and when you get to know it, you will be pleasantly surprised, writes Tomás Sibaja.
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Tijuana will boost its heath sector with a novel agreement with the University of California San Diego.
Federico de Arteaga
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Federico de Arteaga
Head of Project
Tequila Inteligente
Tequila refused to change its strategy in the face of the pandemic but there are tools available to adapt to new complexities. De Arteaga explains.
Covid-19 Travel
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After a year of lockdowns, Mexicans are looking for the fastest way to access the COVID-19 vaccine, looking even beyond the country’s borders.
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Fernando Santiago
Director General
MAG Medical Group
Growth, investment and vision have made MAG Medical a reference hospital in the north of Mexico City. To date, they prioritize quality and expansion.
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José Luis Elizondo
Founder and Partner
Wellmedic Health Centers
Wellmedic Health Centers is currently boosting Mexico's potential in medical tourism by offering premium service at all three levels of attention
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