Federico de Arteaga
Expert Contributor
Federico de Arteaga
Head of Project
Tequila Inteligente
Tequila refused to change its strategy in the face of the pandemic but there are tools available to adapt to new complexities. De Arteaga explains.
Covid-19 Travel
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After a year of lockdowns, Mexicans are looking for the fastest way to access the COVID-19 vaccine, looking even beyond the country’s borders.
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Fernando Santiago
Director General
MAG Medical Group
Growth, investment and vision have made MAG Medical a reference hospital in the north of Mexico City. To date, they prioritize quality and expansion.
Wellmedic_IMG_2019_Jose Luis Elizondo_
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José Luis Elizondo
Founder and Partner
Wellmedic Health Centers
Wellmedic Health Centers is currently boosting Mexico's potential in medical tourism by offering premium service at all three levels of attention
Aesthetic medicine has not stopped evolving since its recent creation 40 years ago. Why is it important for health and the market?
Mexican Caribbean
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Hotels have been severely affected by the crisis. Now, their plan is to ally with hospitals to regain the trust of tourists.
LGBT+ Beach
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LGBT+ people spend up to 55 percent more than the average tourist and bases its decisions on their desire to travel, not on financial restrictions.
Hospital Dalinde
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Adrián Ceballos
Medical Director of the Mother-infant Unit
Centro Médico Dalinde
Centro Médico Dalinde is best known for their materal and pediatric care, Adrián Ceballos remarks the hospital's strengths and desires to grow
Medical Tourism
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How can Mexico use COVID-19 on its favor to boost the Medical Tourism industry?
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