Grapes on vine
Weekly Roundups
Mexican wines continue to surpass expectations on the international stage.
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Josué Garza
Director of Business Development and Operations
Insumos para la Salud
IPS guides foreign medical devices companies to properly target the Mexican market. Its regulatory knowledge has been key to its clients’ success.
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Marcos Pascual
Commercial Director
Pharmacies need to ensure a safe environment and diagnosis of a patient, especially in a COVID-19 scenario where patients cannot go to hospitals.
A New Challenge for Pharmacies
Mexico changed the role of pharmacies when, by law, a medical consultation was needed to purchase medicine
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José Mora
CEO and Co-Founder
Farmalisto Mexico and Colombia
Farmalisto, a certified e-pharmacy, will soon become a complete digital health provider. Read more about it here.
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Carlos Pardo
Marketing and Sales Vice President
Levbeth Group
Seeking to improve its medical devices services, Levbeth Group has recently developed manufacturing capabilities for Class 3 devices.
Juan José Aguirre Commercial Director of Grupo Bruluart
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Juan José Aguirre
Commercial Director
Grupo Bruluart
“Being a medicine provider is not enough. One needs to be a health provider,” says Juan José Aguirre, Commercial Director of Grupo Bruluart.
Victor Hernandez CEO of República Médica
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Hugo Hernández
República Médica
CEO Hugo Hernandez of República Médica explains how the company’s constant follow-up with doctors & nurses has helped the company deliver best…
Santiago Gonzalez  President of ANADIM
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Santiago Gonzalez
Despite the challenges in medicine supply brought by COVID-19, ANADIM has remained an ally to its affiliates and patients.
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