Industrial Park
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Tlaxcala is promoting its industrial development through its new industrial park Route 136 in Huamantla.
Santiago Molina, Co-Founder and CEO, Finkargo
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Santiago Molina
Co-Founder and CEO
Financial institutions fail to meet the needs of SMEs, says Santiago Molina of Finkargo, which aims to help SMEs gain access to international trade.
MBF22-MBN-2022-02-1200-Challenges of a Post‑Pandemic
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Mexico’s e-commerce sector has only begun to take off as important areas of development are yet to be exploited.
MBF22-MBN-2022-01-1315-Manufacturing In Mexico
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Mexico needs to build up various capacities before it can become a manufacturing hub, according to industry experts.
Daniela Uribe, Country Manager, Melonn
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Daniela Uribe
Country Manager
E-commerce entrepreneurs need logistical leverage if they are to compete head-to-head with larger players, says Melonn’s Daniela Uribe.
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Raúl Rodríguez
Ocean Medic
Many X-ray generators used in Mexico are obsolete and should be replaced by modern equipment, says Ocean Medic’s Raúl Rodríguez.
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Leading logistics supplier Traxion enters the health logistics sector by acquiring Medistik.
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Ranjeet Banerjee
Cold Chain Technologies
The pandemic offered an opportunity for cold-chain leader Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) to grow globally. CEO Ranjeet Banerjee explains.
AMOTAC National Strike Puts Pressure on Federal Authorities
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The strike is constricting national mobility and transportation to bring national authorities to the bargaining table.
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